Rebecca: Single Kiasi actress Faith Kibathi on freedom, identity and on-screen chemistry

16 February 2022

Rebecca: Single Kiasi actress Faith Kibathi on freedom, identity and on-screen chemistry

Playing the humble housewife and stay-at-home mom in the latest Showmax Original, Rebecca Single Kiasi actress Faith Kibathi steps into her first leading role – an overburdened mother of two whose husband’s financial irresponsibility pushes her into the arms of a man she cannot resist. 

Of all the three women in Single Kiasi – Sintamei (Gathoni Mutua), Mariah (Minne Kariuki) and Rebecca, the most restrained is Rebecca. Yet despite her difficult circumstances and being ever-loyal to her husband, her story is one of freedom and identity, and what it means to reclaim your womanhood as a person who’s only ever been defined by motherhood.

Rebecca: Single Kiasi actress interview

Speaking about what drew her to the role of Rebecca Single Kiasi, Faith said: “She’s trying new things for herself and I love that for Rebecca because we know that mothers are supposed to be strict and shouldn’t have fun. We’re trying to tell mothers that you can still have fun, but of course in the right way.”

Single Kiasi is one of the few shows in Kenya (if not the first) that boldly portrays the sexual experiences of women in Nairobi. Rated 18, the show highlights the different ways people are dating, and the opinions people have on dating. Some scenes are more risqué than others, and Rebecca, once she breaks out of her shell, isn’t left behind.

Describing her experience filming these risqué scenes, Faith said her partners made her feel very comfortable. “Of course, we needed to have a bit of chemistry off camera because otherwise it would kind of show we are not on the same page,” she said. “And the fact that we know we’re being professional, and that we’re driving a certain story, that was really important.”

Rebecca actress Faith Kibathi

With this role of Rebecca, Faith Kibathi has reached new heights as an actress. After a few years of being on stage and playing supporting roles on shows like This Is Life, Faith’s Rebecca (age 29) is a character that places her at the centre of the story. 

Having always loved stories focused on women, Single Kiasi was just the right project to be part of. “It’s a beautiful storyline with three women as the main characters; I couldn’t pass on that.”

“My favourite moments in the show are when we’re just the three girls,” said Faith. “I love it when we’re just bonding and being girlfriends because, to be honest, the friendship you see there is who we are off-camera.”

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