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CB Strike: Troubled Blood is on Showmax

C. B. Strike: Troubled Blood

War veteran turned private detective Cormoran Strike solves brutal murders with the help of his trusted partner Robin Ellacott. Based on the novels by JK Rowling. 

Elma Postma as Melissa and Chris Chameleon as Melchior in Horisonne on Showmax

Horisonne (2022)

A psychologist finds out about a Mindfulness retreat belonging to her former lover, where he brainwashes young people on a spiritual and psychological level.

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Horisonne is on Showmax

Horisonne: Psychologist cult showdown

Dezi and Liam swap Hillside for new horizons as Elma Postma and Chris Chameleon face off in the Showmax film Horisonne.

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Chris Chameleon portrays the cult leader Melchior in Horisonne.

Meet Melchior, the master in Horisonne

Chris Chameleon talks about making a monster in his role as cult leader Melchior van Staden in Showmax Original movie, Horisonne.

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The L Word: Generation G S3 is on Showmax

The L Word: Generation Q S1-3

Jennifer Beals reprises her role as Bette Porter more than a decade later for this series sequel.

The Manchester United and Manchester City Club Badges - see them live on Showmax Pro

Five key points around the FA Cup Final

See Man City taking on Man United on Saturday, 3 June 2023, live on Showmax Pro, courtesy of SuperSport.

The Fallout is now streaming on Showmax

The Fallout (2022)

Follow the emotionally moving and gripping drama about a teenager trying to cope with complex trauma in the aftermath of a school shooting, now on Showmax.

Demonic is now on Showmax

Demonic (2021)

An evil force is unleashed as a young woman enters a simulator to confront her mother about her traumatic past.

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Down: A Comrade Story is on Showmax Pro

Down: A Comrades Story (2023)

The documentary from the Chasing the Sun team celebrating 100 years of the world’s greatest ultramarathon is now streaming on Showmax.

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What to watch on Showmax in June 2023

What to watch on Showmax in June 2023

Here’s what’s new on Showmax in June 2023, including the gripping South African true-crime documentary, Rosemary’s Hitlist.

Elizabeth Olsen plays Candy Montgomery in Love & Death S1

“Real life is always stranger than anything we could try and create” – Love & Death director

Eight-time Emmy and Oscar nominee Lesli Linka Glatter talks about directing Love & Death, now streaming on Showmax.

Previews - UEFA Europa League Final 2022/23 live on Showmax Pro

Five things to know ahead of the Europa League final

Don’t miss Sevilla taking on Roma in the Europa League final on 31 May 2023 live on Showmax Pro, courtesy of SuperSport.

Marius Weyers films on Showmax

See screen legend Marius Weyers in four stellar Afrikaans movies

Watch these Afrikaans films to see the range of one of South Africa’s best actors of all time, Marius Weyers.

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Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy and Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy in Succession

Jeremy Strong on how Succession will end for Kendall Roy

Succession star Jeremy Strong talks about his Emmy-winning role as Kendall Roy in the fourth and last season of Succession, now streaming on Showmax.

Alexander Skarsgard plays Lukas Matsson in Succession S4

Alexander Skarsgård on his Emmy-nominated role in Succession

Emmy-nominated actor Alexander Skarsgård discusses his portrayal of Lukas Matsson, a tech visionary and formidable competitor to the Roy siblings in Succession. 

The Calling S1 is on Showmax

The Calling S1

An NYPD detective on a spiritual mission to do justice delves into the life of a missing boy after his mother reports his disappearance.

After the Trial S1 is on Showmax

After the Trial S1

This thrilling yet comedic Australian murder mystery follows four people who meet on jury duty for a high-profile murder trial.

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande is on Showmax

Say yes to sex-positive streaming

Get into bed with sex positive series and movies like Emma Thompson’s Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on! 

Ghostbusters is on Showmax

Blast from the past: 7 classic movies from the 80s, 90s and 2000s

From the original Ghostbusters to Gladiator, by way of Pulp Fiction and more, this is the definitive list of old-school gems to stream.

The Holiday is on Showmax

8 romance movies for your perfect date night

It’s just a movie, sitting on your playlist, waiting for you to watch it. Make every night date night with 8 classic romcoms on Showmax.

Tony Kgoroge plays Detective Khaya Meyer in Recipes for Love and Murder

Tony Kgoroge investigates Recipes for Love and Murder

Tony Kgoroge hunts down a Karoo killer as Detective Khaya Meyer in crime comedy series Recipes for Love and Murder. 

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Pastor Timothy Omotoso in Imibuzo episode 4 on Showmax

Imibuzo Season 1 episode 4 recap: The cult of Pastor Timothy Omotoso

Watch as South African true crime series Imibuzo Season 1 episode 4 reveals why Pastor Timothy Omotoso is still on trial on 97 charges of rape, human trafficking and racketeering.  

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Mommy Club is a Showmax Original coming in June 2023

Must-watch trailer: The Mommy Club

Meet the glamorous ladies of the Mommy Club, the Jozi mothers who take parenting to a whole other level. With the help of their nannies, these five women show us how they have it all.

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Nicole, Reese and Laura in Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies squad, assemble!

Showmax has staged a secret Big Little Lies reunion: find your faves in exciting new titles like The Calling, Gaslit, Succession, and more.

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