What to watch when you’re sad

30 May 2018

What to watch when you’re sad

Whether they’ll cheer you up, take your mind off things, remind you that things could be worse, or help you to have the good cry you’ve been needing, these series and movies on Showmax could be just what the doctor ordered when you’re feeling blue.

The Little Hours

What it’s about: For young nuns at a medieval convent, there is little to do but gossip and harass the staff. But when a hunky new servant arrives, secretly escaping a scandal, it stirs more than a little excitement among the bored women.

Watch it because: It’s so ridiculous that you may forget your worries for a while. Kate Micucci, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Molly Shannon, John C Reilly and Fred Armisen as residents of a medieval convent? Yes please.

Stick Man

Stick Man on Showmax

Image: Magic Light Pictures

What it’s about: In Julia Donaldson’s charming and magical story, a piece of wood called Stick Man ends up on a grand adventure as he tries his best to get home to his stick family in time for Christmas. The award-winning animation is an African success story as it was animated by South African animation company Triggerfish.

Watch it because: It’s a beautifully told, simple story with a happy ending. Sometimes that’s about all you need, and as much as you can handle. Watch now »

Game of Thrones, S1-8

What it’s about: HBO’s series based on the first books in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is a fan favourite. In Season 7, the most recent season, the dragons are rising, the White Walkers are at the Wall and the great houses are getting ready as the battle for the Iron Throne heads towards its dramatic finale.

Watch it because: It’s completely addictive, for one thing, but for another, it shows how quickly fortunes can change – a character can go from being, say, Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms to being imprisoned for adultery, enduring torture and made to go on a naked walk of shame through the streets of her own kingdom. No one is immune to hardship. Likewise, even the unluckiest characters could find themselves on top – Daenerys was once nothing more than a pawn sold to a barbarian and she ends up becoming the widely feared and respected Mother of Dragons. In other words – this too shall pass. Watch now »

Bosch, S1-4

What it’s about: Harry Bosch, the grizzled LAPD detective from Michael Connelly’s series of detective novels, hunts down criminals in the Hollywood precinct. Hailed as one of the best police shows ever made, Bosch continues its reputation as a tight thriller where the characters must pursue several crimes at the same time. Combining several of the novels at once, each season is a textured and satisfying noir drama.

Watch it because: There’s nothing like a reliable, engrossing police procedural to take your mind off your own troubles, and Bosch is one of the most gripping you’ll ever see. Plus, nobody on this show is overtly happy or cheerful – it’s all pretty grim, and dark, and you might find its pessimistic vibe, and Harry Bosch’s cynical outlook, quite comforting. Watch now »

The Handmaid’s Tale, S1-3

What it’s about: Once, June had a husband, a job, a life. Now she’s Offred, enslaved as a walking womb in a country where the only thing rarer than pregnancy is escape.

Watch it because: No matter how messed up the world is now, it could be so much worse – you could be living in Gilead. Watch now »

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