20+ addictive South African reality shows to stream

By TVPlus19 September 2023

20+ addictive South African reality shows to stream

Showmax has tonnes of local reality shows and there’s one thing they’ve got in common: drama! Here are some of the titles in the collection, plus some extras to give you a taste of the homegrown reality series on Showmax.

Unfollowed | Showmax Original

Unfollowed delves into the workings of cancel culture and social media through the real-life stories of media personalities, each shedding light on a unique aspect of the cancel culture phenomenon. Watch now »

The Mommy Club | Showmax Original

The Mommy Club is a reality show that sees five glamorous Jozi momfluencers navigating the challenges of parenting – and the cutthroat world of “it moms.” 

The Mommy Club is a rare group of women. Their lives are over the top, dramatic and extremely luxurious. Settle in for another sparkling Showmax Original as we take a peek into the lives of media personalities Mrs Mopps, Tshego Manche, Majesty, Nunurai and Ratile. Watch now »

Abo Auntie | First on Showmax

A first of its kind, this reality series focuses on the inter-relations between domestic workers and their employers by creating a platform where both parties can voice out their issues and find an amicable solution. New episodes land only on Showmax every Tuesday. Watch now »

Uthanda Bani? | First on Showmax

Uthanda Bani is on Showmax

Uthanda Bani? looks at real relationships plagued by addictions that cause conflict between couples. The reality show steps in to help these warring lovers who are trying to sort out their addiction issues, and offers therapy and intervention. The show is hosted by social worker Basani Chauke.

It’s the third co-production between Showmax and popular channel Moja Love. Uthanda Bani is streaming exclusively on Showmax. Watch now »

KuRuff | First on Showmax

KuRuff is the first ever Showmax and Moja Love collaboration – a 13-part reality show that tackles the “burden” of being a sole breadwinner.

KuRuff is hosted by former child star Wright Ngubeni. In each episode, Ngubeni will hear from both the sole breadwinner and their dependents, before staging an intervention to try to improve the situation. All episodes are now streaming, only on Showmax. Watch now »

This Body Works For Me S1-2 | Showmax Original

This Body Works For Me explores the lives of seven women in the South African adult entertainment industry, letting us in on their family dynamics, relationships, hustles and careers. Watch now »

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1-3 | Showmax Original

Durbs is the place to be when you’ve got cash to splash – and we’re talking serious cheese. Millions and in the case of RHOD‘s Sorisha Naidoo, billions. The glitz and glam is on a whole other level, there’s fab fashion to die for and more in the lifestyles of these very very rich and very very famous Housewives. And if you think they’re sitting at home all day making sarmies for their kids, you’re very mistaken! It’s party party party time… with a lot of heated arguments on the side. Watch now »

Plus – look out for The Real Housewives of Lagos, The Real Housewives of Dubai, The Real Housewives of Cape Town, The Real Housewives of Abuja and The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

Life With Kelly Khumalo Season 1-3 | Showmax Original

Multi-talented Kelly Khumalo does it all: singing, acting, motivational speaking, hosting, producing and directing… and that’s just her professional life. She’s also a daughter and mother and this fly-on-the-wall reality show takes us into the not-always-flashy life of Kelly. There’s happiness and joy, there’s tears and fights, there’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Kelly when she’s away from the spotlight. Watch now »

The Real Housewives of Gqeberha S1

The Real Housewives of Gqeberha is on Showmax

Gqeberha’s reality queens are serving iconic scenes, bling and real life on 1Magic’s fabulous reality series, The Real Housewives of Gqeberha

Meet stylish events planner, mother and wife Norma Nicol (who married into Ghanaian royalty); sought-after MC and award-winning businesswoman Buli G Ngomane; dedicated mom, former construction project manager and recent widow Liz Prins; successful salon owner and the wife of the city’s former mayor, Unathi Faku; and Ashleigh Mather, a wife and mom who works in the fashion industry. 

As 1Magic says, “The cast of RHOGQ are ready to show you a side to Gqeberha that you’ve never seen before; one where the circles are tight and where the women bond through power.” Watch now »

Themba: My Inked World S1 

Themba- My Inked World on Showmax

#GhostNation stand up: the Mzansi Magic reality show Themba: My Inked World centres on Big Brother Mzansi’s tattooed fan-favourite Themba Broly. Before entering the Big Brother house, Themba had lost everything after his tattoo parlour burned down. Now, with a new home partially paid for by his fans, a music EP on streaming services, and in a high-profile relationship with Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 winner Mphowabadimo, he’s determined to soar to the greatest heights of his life. But how will he deal with the pressures of life in the spotlight, growing his new tattoo business, and balancing his responsibilities to the love of his life and his ex, who is also the mother of his children? Watch now »

Nganele S1

Nganele is on Showmax

Mzansi Magic’s Nganele is a spinoff reality TV show that follows three of the couples who participated in Makoti, Are You The One?, which saw potential wives move into their potential mother-in-law’s homes for 21 days, with the hopes of earning their blessing to marry their son. Season 1 of Makoti, Are You The One? is also available to binge on Showmax. Watch now »

Dineo’s Diary Season 1-5

Radio celeb Dineo Ranaka has moguldom on the mind and inviting viewers into her world in this fly-on-the-wall doccie is just the start. Expect the usual – work, play and family time – but on a whole new level. Plus, the rest of her fab fam pop in for a holla-holla every couple of episodes. Watch now »

Our Perfect Wedding South Africa | Seasons 1-12

Who doesn’t love a fairytale wedding? Whether it’s the traditional white wedding, something with traditional colour or the full cultural experience, Showmax has the perfect solution with Our Perfect Wedding. But here’s the best bit: they’ve got five African franchises on their catalogue! The local version is our fave because, well, it’s our people and our cultures. And even a hop between hosts isn’t enough to turn us away as Nomsa Buthelezi takes over the latest seasons. Watch now »

There’s Our Perfect Wedding South Africa Seasons 1-11, Our Perfect Wedding Kenya Seasons 1-15, Our Perfect Wedding Uganda Seasons 1-5, Our Perfect Wedding Zambia Seasons 1-2 and Our Perfect Wedding Nigeria Season 1. Go behind the scenes with the bridal pair as they put together their big day, with everything from the décor and music playlist, to the flower arrangements and all-important cake testing taking place onscreen. I do, I do, I do!

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg Season 1-2

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg on Showmax

They love money. They love drama. Binge-watch both seasons of this riveting reality series about some of the richest women in Johannesburg.

Besides the drama, you can also expect a lot of champagne sipping and a whole lot of fabulous lunches, brunches and the occasional teary moment from Mzansi’s most glamorous ladies. Watch now »

Survivor SA Season 6-7 and Survivor: Return of the Outcasts

Survivor SA is on Showmax

Nico Panagio is in top form hosting the game that’ll break contestants as they try to outwit, outplay and outlast each other through a mad month of surviving the elements. And when you’re done with Seasons 6 and 7, check out Survivor SA: Immunity Island – it was filmed during Covid lockdown, so instead of international travel, Nico took his castaways on a short-left to the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast for the season. Survivor SA S9: Return of the Outcasts saw the outcasts from the previous 8 seasons returning, with double the prize money up for grabs! Watch now »

Dancing With The Stars Season 1

Dancing With The Stars is on Showmax

What’s better than watching your favourite actors doing their thing in-character? Watching them being thrown into the deep end and asked to tread water. And that’s what you get on Dancing With The Stars – celebs like actor Frank Opperman, TV personality Thembisa Mdoda and singer Connell Cruise go shoe-to-shoe on the dance floor, learning new dance routines week in, week out, and being critiqued by dance-expert judges. Some of them shouldn’t give up their day jobs. Watch now »

Living The Dream With Somizi Season 1-5

Enter the fabulous life of choreographer and television personality Somizi Mhlongo. From Seasons 1 to 5, Somizi invites us into his world of busy schedules, industry parties, widespread fame and family reunions, tensions and conflicts. Watch now »

Watch: Living the Dream with Somizi Season 5

Being Bonang Season 1-3

Every episode of Being Bonang and the two-part special A Very Bonang Year are glamorous events filled with laughter, celebration, luxurious experiences and, of course, fashion and champagne. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Bonang Matheba is a national treasure who has set the bar high when it comes to reality shows. Watch now »

Date My Family South Africa Season 1-9

Dating usually means drama. And for these unlucky singles, it’s worse. Because they’re being put through the family ringer – their love interest’s nearest and dearest blood relations and very close friends are asking those uncomfy questions that need to be asked, like “how much money do you make?”, “what do you want with my child?”, “how many kids do you want… and how many do you already have?”. This reality show isn’t just taking the dating game out of the frying pan and into the fire… it’s straight-up torching it on a spitbraai until it’s burnt to bits! Watch now »

I Blew It Season 1-4

I Blew It is on Showmax

Got bucks and spending like there’s no tomorrow? You could end up here, telling your story as you’ve got from rags to riches… and then back again with nothing to show. It’s the guilty pleasure you never knew you needed, plus it’ll teach you what’s important in life: saving your money for a rainy day, because the storms are coming, Mzansi. Watch now »

Kwakhule Kwethu: Dineo & Solo’s Wedding

Kwakuhle Kwethu: Dineo and Solo

Get a front-row seat at actor Dineo Moeketsi and rapper Solo’s jaw-dropping wedding, a star-studded day filled with love. Watch now »

Madam & Mercy Season 1

Evodia Mogase and her daughter Mercy have waved goodbye to The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg drama and hello to their own local reality show. Don’t expect anything different from the pair though – there are hoity-toity as ever, splashing cash on designer everything, working out together and most importantly, living their best lives as a close-knit mother and daughter team. If you want a recap of their Real Housewives stint, prepare for catty comments, nails coming out, loads of eye-rolling and backstabbing left, right and centre with fake smiles for the frenemies. Watch now »

Boer Soek ’n Vrou Seasons 14-15

Farmer Wants A Wife is bigger in SA when it’s Boer Soek ’n Vrou. Watch as the single farmers get liefbriewe, choose a handful of potential women they’re interested in and then invite the ladies to their farm to put them to task. There’s everything from tears to stolen kisses, coffee in the kombuis before heading out to the fields and even the tough and rough boers breaking down as they talk from the heart. Watch now »

Moja Love reality shows

Mina Nawe House is on Showmax

Look out for fan-favourites from Moja Love, including X-Repo, the reality show that helps people get their possessions back when they’ve been wronged, weekly episodes of Mina Nawe House Season 2, where couples in trouble face their issues, Seasons 7 and 8 of Uyajola 99, the reality show that exposes cheaters, and You Promised To Marry Me, which does what it says on the tin.

Tali's Baby Diary: A hilarious Showmax Original mockumentary 

Devilsdorp: A Showmax Original true-crime docuseries 

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