5 best moments of Kwa Mam’Mkhize so far

2 March 2020

5 best moments of Kwa Mam’Mkhize so far

Forget the Kardashians and Jenners – Mzansi is obsessed with the Mkhize and Mpisane family! Earlier this year, Shauwn Mkhize and her children allowed TV viewers to follow their lives through their hit reality series Kwa Mam’Mkhize. No one really knew what to expect on the show at first, but now it seems people just can’t get enough.

There have been several outstanding moments on the show since its premiere episode, but we’ve chosen five of our faves.

Shauwn speaks about her unbreakable bond with Sbahle

Some people were shocked to find out that Shauwn is not Sbahle’s biological mother. They only found out when Shauwn addressed this on the reality show, where she emphasised the fact that the socialite is her daughter, even though she didn’t give birth to her.


“I know that it’s common knowledge that I didn’t carry her in my womb for nine months. Nonetheless, she is my daughter because I met her when she was around six or seven years old. Therefore, my bond with Sbahle … it will never go away.”

Sbahle’s healing journey

It’s been almost two years since Sbahle had her car crash. The accident left her in a wheelchair and she’s still on the road to recovery. Viewers have loved seeing Sbahle’s healing journey on the reality show and she has made a lot of progress. “I was in hospital for a very long time and during that time I even had amnesia so, I wouldn’t remember after two days or a day later… It’s just been a very, very long journey,” she shared.

She’s come a long way and her journey – good or bad – has been well documented. She candidly spoke about driving for the first time since the accident, and even taking her first flight since the crash happened. “So, yes, I’m driving now. I’m in this situation [in the wheelchair] because I was driving. But I just believe it wasn’t strong enough to kill me so I can still drive.”

Andile asks his mother for R1 million

Having a wealthy mother must be very nice. You can just call her and ask for an exorbitant amount of money like it’s no big deal. Andile showed viewers the perks of coming from a rich family when he casually asked Shauwn to give him R1 million.


During a video call, the entertainer told his mother just how much he needed the money. “There’s something that I’d like to do with it,” he said. He even added that it’s small change and that Shauwn would get it back. This is what you call levels!

Shauwn and Andile’s spontaneous trips

Speaking of levels, do you remember that time when Shauwn spoke about how much she and her son love to travel the world? Well, while some of us can afford to do one international trip every year or two if we’re lucky (and after saving for months), the mother and son have a different strategy – one that requires very little planning. They can literally wake up and decide to go to any country in the world.

The businesswoman proudly revealed on her show: “Andile and I decided to go to LA. We don’t plan such. We’ll wake up this morning and say we want to go to Italy or Monaco because we simply want to.”

Sbahle gets candid about her breakup

Fans have been under the impression that there’s bad blood between Sbahle and her ex-boyfriend, Itumeleng Khune. However, they were relieved to learn that their breakup didn’t come with any drama. The fitness bunny revealed that they didn’t fight over anything and that there were no issues. She shared that the football star was very supportive after the accident and checked up on her when she was still in the hospital.

“But because of my amnesia, I forgot why I fell in love with him,” she said on the reality series. Sbahle further added that the long distance between them was a challenge.  

“He was my boyfriend. I had to love him and stuff but now I’m not in hospital anymore. He stays in Joburg, I stay in Durban. I need someone to give me a hug, kiss me…”

Keep up with Shauwn and her family by streaming Kwa Mam’Khize express from Mzansi Magic.

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