5 reasons to binge-watch The Mommy Club

20 May 2024

5 reasons to binge-watch The Mommy Club

If you haven’t seen this Showmax Original yet, chances are you know several people in your life who are telling you to watch it and get into the tea, shade and opulence. The Mommy Club is a reality series about glamorous Jozi moms who seemingly have it all. It’s an inside look behind the gates of the rich.

Returning cast members Hermajesty, Mrs Mops, Nunurai and Ratile from Season 1 are joined by new faces Jabulile Sande and Nozipho Ntshangase in Season 2. All episodes of both seasons have dropped, with the Season 2 reunion still to come, and the series has wowed viewers with the drama, wealth and personal stories.

The first season kicked off with a R250 000 birthday party for Nunurai’s one-year-old and in true Mommy Club style, the ladies did not hold back on spending money. 

In Season 2, we saw Hermajesty take her teenage daughter car shopping and money was not a factor. While we wait for the reunion, which drops on 10 June 2024, here are five reasons to binge The Mommy Club

1. Luxurious lifestyles

The Mommy Club S2 on Showmax

A luxurious life is something that we all aspire to and these ladies have it, from luxurious cars and vacations to big mansions and bottomless champagne brunches. No one serves opulence better than these ladies. 

Over the show’s two seasons, we have seen the ladies shop, drive luxurious cars and be dripped in head-to-toe designer wear for the most mundane tasks. And the same goes for their children.

2. The drama

The Mommy Club S2 on Showmax

Even though the lifestyle is enough to get people hooked, it is accompanied by some real-life drama. The ladies bring a lot to the show, from drama with their nannies – in Season 2, Ratile and her helper Barbra had very different versions of why she no longer works in Ratile’s home – to marital problems and the difficulties of being a parent. One thing that’s always guaranteed is that the ladies will open up about the real parts of their lives.

We get to see their lives as they are – sometimes it is pretty and glamorous, and sometimes it is not. 

3. A fine balance 

The Mommy Club S2 on Showmax

The Mommy Club shows you how to have your cake and eat it: The themes of the show are diverse and nothing is off limits. The ladies show us their families, careers, parties, events and how they handle it all with the helpers that are there to help them raise their heirs. The show also shows us the importance of having help around the house to assist with the upbringing of your kids and how nannies can be second parents to your children. 

4. Gorgeous homes 

In this reality show, the homes are part of the fabric. Not only do these lades open their their stunning homes to us but we get to see their pets too. Hermajesty, for example, has several dogs and a pet snake. 

5. The children

Mrs Mops is on The Mommy Club on Showmax

What separates The Mommy Club from other reality shows is the role that the children play in it. We get to see how each mommy parents, we get to see their method, tricks and style, we also get to see how the mommies shape their children. 

All the episodes of The Mommy Club S2 are streaming on Showmax. The reunion special lands on Showmax on 10 June 2024 and will be hosted by Ntombee Ngcobo-Mzolo.