5 reasons to watch Ghana Jollof on Showmax

By Edwin Lamptey24 October 2022

5 reasons to watch Ghana Jollof on Showmax

If you have not already started binge-watching Ghana Jollof on Showmax, then you do not know what you are missing out on.

The rib-cracking TV show which takes the enviable spot as the first Showmax Original comedy series in West Africa, tells the story of two Nigerians, Jasper and Romanus, who leave everything behind in search of greener pastures in Ghana.

Directed by Adedeji Aderogba, Ghana Jollof encapsulates the love-hate relationship between Ghana and Nigeria in the most hilarious way imaginable.

Ghana Jollof features a star-studded cast from Ghana and Nigeria such as Basketmouth (who’s also the show’s executive producer), Joselyn Dumas, James Gardiner, AMVCA-award-winning comedian Funnybone, Kalybos, Portia Freelove, Mawuli Gavor and AMAA nominee Akah Nnani.

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Here are 5 reasons why you must definitely add Ghana Jollof to your watch list.

The Ghana-Nigeria partnership is a joy to watch

For once in a long while, series lovers have been served a perfect ‘salad’ of top Ghanaian and Nigerian actors on one project. It would be safe to say that the cast “understood the assignment” in their performances. There is also a rich display of culture which makes both countries unique. 

Ghana Jollof is loaded with rib-cracking comedy

A series that has the likes of multiple award-winning comedians in the persons of Basket Mouth, Kalybos, Jacinta Ocansey, Funnybone and Akah Nnani can only leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

The Ghana-Naija rivalry is captured in the most unexpected way

It is to be expected that a series made up of Ghanaians and Nigerians would succinctly bring to the fore the age-old rivalry between the two countries. Ghana Jollof’s storyline captures a messy love triangle that sees Kwaku’s ex, Mabel falling madly in love with Romanus. The love web gets more complicated with each episode as Kwaku and Mabel use Romanus as a pawn to get back at each other.

The themes of love and friendship give ‘feel good’ vibes

Ghana Jollof expresses the themes of love and friendship from many angles that are so relatable to viewers. Kweku, Romanus, Jasper and Nnamdi form an unbreakable bond on their first day in college. Their friendship continues even after school as Kwaku comes through for Jasper and Romanus by accommodating them in his house for free when they decide to leave Nigeria to search for greener pastures in Ghana. Sub-themes of betrayal, loyalty and sacrifice which are thrown in from one episode to the other add to make Ghana Jollof a masterpiece. 

Office romance is depicted to a whole new level in Ghana Jollof

Everyone knows that when Joselyn Dumas stars in a movie, men fall over each other to get her to look their way. But Ghana Jollof turns the tables as the pretty actress is the one doing the chasing as she does everything to get her boss to pay attention to her. She is not alone in this as there are others who are also after the same boss. The rivalry and tension in the office are to die for!

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