5 things we miss about Ultimate Love S1 (already!)

15 April 2020

5 things we miss about Ultimate Love S1 (already!)

Ultimate Love may be over, with Kachi and Rosie emerging as winners, but we’re still obsessing over moments from the show. From Friday night parties to the post-nomination drama, we’re in withdrawal, big-time.

If you missed out on Ultimate Love or if you just wanna take a trip down memory lane, Showmax is streaming highlights from each week in Season 1, as well as the weekly nominations.

Here are 5 things we miss about Ultimate Love, already:

1. Weekly tasks

Every week, the Love Guests performed all kinds of tasks, including one major task that usually highlighted the culture of a different part of Nigeria. Apart from being educational, the weekly tasks were also entertaining as we watched the dynamics between the couples and other Love Guests play out. They also hosted relationship and sex coaches, and these sessions were also very educational and gave viewers the chance to know the couples better.

2. Aunty’s sessions

Just as with the visits from the relationship experts, the couples’ sessions with Aunty provided even deeper insights into relationships. Aunty – Adesuwa Onyenokwe – would often ask the couples questions about themselves and their partners, while offering advice to steer them along.

3. Live nominations 

Nothing could be more stressful for the Love Guests than the weekly live nominations which saw the couples nominate each other for possible check out. The live nominations never failed to generate tension among the Love Guests, who often viewed their nomination as an act of vendetta.

4. Weekly live shows

From the outfits of the hosts – Dakore and Oluwaseun P – to performances from the High Definition band, and the interviews with Love Guests who were checked-out, the weekly live shows were definitely one of the best parts of the season.

5. Friday night parties

Rounding off our list is the Friday night parties which not only saw the Love Guests let their hair down but also presented twists and surprises each week. Visits from exes and crushes bearing gifts were just some of the highlights that characterised the Friday parties and made them a not-to-be-missed event on Ultimate Love.

Relive every magical moment of Ultimate Love S1. Watch the weekly highlights and live nominations shows on Showmax.

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