5 tips to “save” your relationship like Ramat in Flawsome S2
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14 March 2024

5 tips to “save” your relationship like Ramat in Flawsome S2

If there’s someone who takes “no gree for anybody” seriously this 2024, it’s Ramat on the Showmax Nigerian Original drama series, Flawsome.

Meet Ramat (Ini-Dima Okojie), a women’s rights activist, best friend, lovely wife and dedicated daughter-in-law. In the final episode of Flawsome Season 1, Ramat’s husband, Uduak (Baaj Adekunle), admits to being infertile and ultimately asks for a divorce.

As it happens, their marriage is hanging by a thread – and Ramat is holding onto the thread with all her might. Her energy and determination are inspiring in a relationship many have labelled “toxic”. So, if you’re in a fix with your partner, employ these five Ramat-certified tips to save your relationship … or not!

1. Tell no one

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First things first, don’t tell your friends. Deep in your heart, you know it’s time to leave that relationship, but you’re in love. Knowing how close the ladies are, it’s surprising that Ramat keeps mute about her relationship issues. She finally admits to Ivie in episode 2 that it’s because they love her too much and she needs to save her marriage.

To remain committed to your mission, keep your friends out of your business because they’ll advise you to leave that toxic partner, but what do your single friends know? Nothing. Do your thing and save your relationship, warrior!

2. Attend his/her work event

Flawsome is on Showmax

Here is where you start being strategic. Just look at the way Ramat boldly hijacked Uduak’s hangout in episode 2. Take it a step further and attend your partner’s work event, dress to the nines, and introduce yourself as their partner.

Remember to plaster there, make sure not to leave their side! Once more people know you as their partner, it’s game over. Trust us. Make sure you introduce yourself to their boss, go further to explain that you’re happily in love, and show them pictures.

3. Invite them out for dates every day

Flawsome is on Showmax

Absence makes the heart fonder doesn’t apply here at all. Pull all stops to choke your partner. This is the Ramat way! Even after hijacking his hangout, she invited him for lunch. If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Just because they’re not picking up your calls means nothing. Take the date to them. It’s even better when they’re at work, it reinforces the previous tactic.

4. Use food and gifts to wound them!

Flawsome is on Showmax

It’s Ramat cooking Uduak’s favourite food for us. Mind you, they no longer live together, but Ramat doesn’t care. Don’t stop at cooking their favourite food, send them gifts, choke that man with love, and love bomb that woman. Yes, you read that right. Employ all five love languages and get your lover back. We’re right behind you.

5. Announce to them that the relationship will work by fire and force

Flawsome is on Showmax

You have to assure your lover that whatever issues you both have, they have been resolved by God, so you can keep pushing. Like Ramat said, “This marriage will work!” – so will your relationship. A louder Amen from those at the back!

We’re in a good mood so here’s an extra tip: DON’T BE LIKE RAMAT! Leave that relationship today. Uduak lied about his ability to conceive, and Ramat is determined to preserve the marriage, but at what cost? Uduak has mentally checked out, but Ramat is not having it. This situation looks like a recipe for disaster, and we are intrigued to see how this relationship develops further this season.

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