6 reasons Kenyans will love The Girl from St Agnes

20 February 2019

6 reasons Kenyans will love The Girl from St Agnes

The day I watched The Girl From St Agnes, Arsenal lost again. Honestly, this team doesn’t deserve me but let’s do some therapy with The Girl From St Agnes. A Showmax Original, this show takes you to a prestigious all-girl boarding where popular student Lexi is found dead on school property. But instead of getting to the bottom of it, the school, working with the police, writes it off as an accident – all except for the drama teacher, who is determined to uncover the truth.

Like shows with similar themes (see Pretty Little Liars), The Girl From St Agnes reminds you that school can be the most dangerous place on Earth, and that pretty (and popular) girls don’t always have a happy ending.

The Girl From St Agnes is now streaming on Showmax.

If you haven’t happened upon this gem yet, here are six reasons to start watching now.

1. It’s a murder mystery

Girl from St Agnes is a Showmax Original

Who doesn’t love an intriguing murder mystery that opens you up to a world of chaos and dark secrets, where everyone is guilty until proven innocent? And where even your Bible-quoting favourite teacher can turn out to be the biggest creep? Want to play an armchair detective for a second and help catch a murderer? Let’s see if you can keep with all the clues and red herrings that The Girl From St Agnes throws at you.

2. The twists and turns

The Girl From St Agnes on Showmax

Just when you think you are on the path to discovering what actually happened to Lexi, The Girl From St Agnes throws another surprise at you with every episode, and you have to begin to solve the puzzle all over again. But for a show like this, we wouldn’t expect anything less. Good luck trying to guess who the murderer is.

3. The teenage drama

The Girl From St Agnes on Showmax

The Girl From St Agnes has the kind of intense drama that keeps adults glued to teenage TV shows – clandestine romance, jilted lovers, petty popularity contests and spoilt boys who think they can get away with anything.

4. Stellar performance from lead actress Nina Milner

The Girl From St Agnes on Showmax

First of all, she reminds me of Ruby Rose. You don’t see it? C’mon, she has the cheek bones. South African actress Nina Milner (Troy: Fall of a City) plays drama teacher Kate Ballard, a curious free spirit who refuses to buy into all the lies surrounding Lexi’s death – that her death is somehow an accident – so instead she digs deeper until she uncovers the truth and gets way more than she bargained for.

5. It’s a show made by women

Girl from St Agnes is a Showmax Original

The Girl From St Agnes has been described as a female-driven story made by women. Written and directed by award-winning filmmakers Cindy Lee and Catharine Cook respectively, The Girl From St Agnes ties into the current Hollywood script of female empowerment, often championed by like-minded filmmakers like Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies) and Ava DuVernay.

6. It’s bingeable in one sitting

The Girl From St Agnes on Showmax

The Girl From St Agnes has only eight episodes, which means you can watch it in one sitting. With all the dark secrets, the twists and the turns, you’ll be begging for more after finishing Season 1. #SomeoneTellShowmax we need a second season perhaps?

So next time you’re wondering what to watch, give the The Girl From St Agnes on Showmax a try.

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