7 unforgettable moments on ENO

By Edwin Lamptey4 October 2022

7 unforgettable moments on ENO

The first season of the Showmax Original Ghanaian series ENO is not only entertaining but also strikes a chord with many people raised by single parents.

The 13-part series which is available to binge-watch on Showmax is loaded with plot twists that have left fans yearning for more.

ENO, directed by award-winning director Shirley Frimpong-Manso (Dede), follows Abena Baafi (Gloria Osei-Sarfo), a single mother doing all she can to raise her three daughters – Tessa, Safowaa and Kendall – while using both fair and foul means to ensure they marry rich and don’t end up broke like her.

The Ghanaian series which premiered on Showmax in March 2022 stars John Dumelo, Miss Malaika 2018 queen Mariam Owusu-Poku, Emelia Asiedu, Esi Hammond, Peter Richie, Godwin Namboh and Dela Seade.

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Looking for more reasons to watch ENO? Here are 7 unforgettable moments that will keep you wanting more.

Abena Baafi’s hilarious prayer for daughters, S1 E1

ENO sets off on a rib-cracking note as Abena Baafi takes her daughters to God in prayer. The cunning single mother openly describes in a hilarious manner the kind of men she wants to see her daughters end up with. She prays for her firstborn, Tessa, to set a “good marital example” for her younger sisters. She asks God to show her middle child, Safowaa, that “the most important thing is marriage, not degrees. God, the degrees are enough,” she laments. And finally, for her lastborn and favourite, Kendall, she asks God to “give her a man who can take care of her many needs, because her needs are endless.”

Gloria Osei-Sarfo as Abena Baafi

Jerry’s future hangs in the balance over Abena’s failed plot, S1 E3

Always the meddlesome mother, Abena sends thugs after Jerry, Tessa’s colleague and lover. This move threatens Jerry’s fully-funded scholarship abroad as he now faces prison after one of the attackers ends up in a coma when Jerry is forced to defend himself.

Kendall and Safowaa clash over Edward Grant Jnr, S1 E5

After rich and eligible bachelor Edward Grant Jnr chooses one of two sisters, it sparks a serious commotion as Kendall and Safowaa go at each other to win Edward’s love but he already know who he wants. Abena Baafi is left stunned as she watches her two daughters tear into each other.

Tessa marries Chris, S1 E7

After Abena uses her sly ways to get Jerry out of Tessa’s life, she gets her to marry rich business tycoon Chris Quarcoo, a widower with three kids. Unknown to her, Jerry is behind bars doing all he can to make contact with Tessa.

John Dumelo as Chris and Emelia Asiedu as Tessa

Kendall lands a ‘big fish’, S1 E9

Kendall Baafi turns her lemons into lemonade after missing out on Edward Grant Jnr but ends up winning the heart of Edward Grant Snr. After warming her ‘sugar daddy’s’ bed, he hands her a credit card loaded with cash.

Jerry’s lawyer shows up at Tessa’s new home, S1 E10

Jerry’s lawyer will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of his client’s case. His investigation leads him to Tessa’s home disguised as an accountant. He gets into an interesting conversation with Tessa about the whereabouts of Jerry which gets her pondering over her decision of moving on too quickly with Chris.

Kendall sets new house rules as Edward Grant Snr’s mistress, S1 E12

Kendall calls a kitchen staff meeting and lays down new rules in the house to a rather disappointed Mary and Joe who are kitchen staff in Mr Grant’s mansion. While stating what can and cannot be eaten in her ‘new home’, Kendall’s mother, Abena Baafi, steps in, and takes over.

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