7 unforgettable moments on Selina

19 June 2019

7 unforgettable moments on Selina

Let me remind you that if you haven’t started watching Selina yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing, especially with the nail-biting drama and plot twists that the Swahili telenovela has been serving its loyal fan base.

The first Swahili telenovela of its kind in Kenya, Selina is adapted from the original story by Bollywood’s Vivek Bahl and follows the star-crossed, fairy-tale romance between Celestine Gachuhi’s Selina – a naïve village girl who falls in love with the wealthy Nelson Mackenzie (Pascal Tokodi). With Nelson’s snobbish family shunning her for societal status and seeing her as an outsider, Selina works her way up to the top, finally becoming a remarkable designer even as the two fight to defend their love.

But great love stories experience even greater challenges. In Selina, that comes in the name of Biko – Selina’s resident villain who always gets his way and tops up every win with a conceited half smile.

Check out these big moments on Selina that had keyboard-happy fans pouring their hearts out on social media.

1. Selina is arrested, S1E60

After being framed in the most outrageous way by Zoe and Reagan who lied that she stole Patricia’s designs and sold it to them, Selina is arrested at the end of season 1. Why telenovelas disregard clear evidence is beyond me, but that’s a rant for another day.

2. Selina becomes Julia, S2E17

To gather evidence and clear her name, Selina acquires a new identity and applies for an assistant designer position at the Mackenzies with the help of a mysterious ally. She changes her looks and her name to Julia – a disguise that works magic in proving her innocence.

3. Biko proposes to Selina, S2E60

Biko, a brilliant addition to the already remarkable Selina cast, swooped in, in season 2 as Selina’s knight-in-shining armour to save her from all her financial problems and wrongdoings done to her by the Mackenzies. He even seeks Nelson’s help in wooing Selina, and even proposes to her in front of him.

4. Biko falls to his death, S3E1

On his wedding day, Biko finds out about Nelson’s romance with Selina, a betrayal he can’t forgive especially coming from his best friend and the woman he loves. After a heated, dramatic tussle with Nelson, Biko falls off a cliff to his death.

5. Biko fakes his death, S3E12

Satan works hard, but Biko works harder. While everyone else thinks he’s dead, Selina tracks down Biko in an effort to save Nelson who’s now a fugitive. It turns out he faked his death and now has a new identity – Bitok. And yeah, he’s blind and married as well, to a pretend wife he’s hired to support his lie.

6. Nelson surrenders to the police, S3E13

After being on the run trying to prove his innocence, Nelson finally surrenders to the police for “killing” Biko.

7. Selina ditches Nelson at the altar, marries Biko instead, S4E38

In perhaps one of the biggest plot twists the show has ever pulled, Selina abandons Nelson at the altar and marries Biko instead after planning the long-overdue perfect wedding. Fans of the show were not impressed, and took to social media to express their disappointment.

Looking forward to what new dramas and plot twists Selina has in store for you? Binge-watch new episodes on Showmax.

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