8 short films to watch on Showmax right now

6 September 2017

8 short films to watch on Showmax right now

Short films have a flavour of their own; they are snackable – short and sweet. There are no exasperating quests by the protagonist as we’ve seen in some feature-length films (c’mon, we know the culprits), just straight-to-the-point plotlines. In case you are wondering where to find short films, you’ll find quite a number on Showmax, and they are quite diverse too.

  1. They are hilarious


The Virgin Vegan is a story about Thato, a returnee from London who comes back home to Limpopo with new beliefs and a different way of living. She is now a vegan, a way of life that her family can’t seem to understand as they welcome her back with a meaty feast fit for a king. There are a lot of delights in this one, like when they mistake her for a virgin instead of a vegan. Ignorance is bliss, and funny as well. Watch now »

  1. They are thought-provoking


Imagine sitting on a plane, minding your own business and suddenly, the person seated next to you bursts with contempt. That is the fate of African intellectual Ruwe (Patrick Oketch) in Intellectual Scum, written and directed by Njue Kevin. Ruwe finds himself the object of ridicule and rage from his travelling companion Walter (Jason Corder) who simply cannot stand Africans and their “laziness”, as he puts it. Corder is despicable when he’s in character as Walter but boy, you should see him sweep Mkamzee Mwatela off her feet in Stay as Shane. Watch now »

  1. They are bold

Perhaps looking for relevance in current social issues, Njue Kevin’s Plastic Maasai takes an odd path to highlight the issue of gender and identity. While on a mission to find the mythical Ngina River that can reverse his gender, a cross-dressing foreign tourist falls victim to two con artists pretending to be Maasai Warriors. Watch now »

  1. They are liberating


At this point, we can all agree that Njue Kevin is on a roll here. In Sticking Ribbons, which Njue wrote and produced (while still an undergrad at Kenyatta University), Kimberly (Maureen Koech) is a former drug addict who battles with demons from her past. Also find Maureen in Lies That Bind as Patricia, a role for which she won the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. Watch now »

  1. They are artistic

It is true, nothing really is as imaginative as the mind of a child and how he sees the world. From downtown Dar es Salaam comes Shoeshine, where we are introduced to a corrupt politician, a progressive university student and a kind tea maker from the perspective of Tambwe, a shoeshine boy. Watch now »

  1. They are enlightening

In Scars of My Days, Sammy, fed up with poverty, moves to the city in search of a better life. He finds it in a rich sugar mummy who is ready to shower him with money and gifts. But things are not as good as they seem, as Sammy soon finds out. Watch now »

  1. They are emotional

Star-crossed lovers Amina and Brian fight against all odds to be together in the Ugandan short film Good Catholic Girl. After standing up to her Muslim family, all seems to be going well until tragedy strikes in the form of a jilted lover. Watch now »

  1. Sometimes, they are nostalgic

Kenya Baisikol is a Kenyan oldie set in the 90s when Zilizopendwa and Daudi Kabaka’s African Twist still ruled the airwaves. The talent is impeccable, from the village drunk who’s more knowledgeable than he seems to the snobbish headmaster who bites off more than he can chew when he borrows a bicycle from the local pastor. Watch now »

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