A boyfriend sues his girlfriend and a man sues his padi in Judging Matters

4 May 2020

A boyfriend sues his girlfriend and a man sues his padi in Judging Matters

Judging Matters is a reality show on Africa Magic that dives into the everyday lives of ordinary Nigerians, following Confessions and Dr Laser; and episodes come express to Showmax straight after they air on DStv.

The show uses the arbitration system in dealing with minor cases and small claims, which may not go to established courts in Lagos because of the long and expensive processes involved. Judging Matters features real people with real cases, and justice is served in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice. There are no legal fees or adjournment of cases, the claimants present their cases, and a judge and a counsellor will preside over it and ensure justice is served.

The show’s judge is the retired Justice Olusola Williams. She will probe and offer judgement after listening to the claimant and defender. Lawyer turned media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu serves as host and counselor. Obi-Uchendu, who holds two Law master degrees, brings his understanding of the law and his charm as an experienced host and compere to serve the audience with a funny yet educative side of court drama.

Each episode, which lasts just over 20 minutes, features two cases. The first episode shows an entertaining side of everyday realities in Nigeria. A boyfriend is suing his girlfriend and a man is suing his padi. The former is a case of deceit and the plenty sorrows of patriarchy; the latter is a case of greed and obtaining under false pretence.

Kinglsey and Ngozi have been dating for two years, during this period, he has paid her rent, catered for her well-being and recently he showered her valentine gifts – a phone, necklace and a wristwatch. It was after this he discovered she has two kids, a fact Ngozi had kept from him even when he asked her. Now he wants justice – for his gifts to be returned.

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The second case is a hilarious event that educates on the importance of documenting financial dealings, no matter how small. Mr. Leonard Okafor borrowed ₦85,000 from his friend and boss Zachhaeus Ebimomi to handle personal issues with a promise to pay back in a month, only to renegade on his promise and present a ridiculous offer: he wants to pay the money in installments over two years. Seeing the lack of remorse from Mr. Leonard, Justice Williams ruled in favor of the claimant Mr. Zachhaeus.

New episodes of Judging Matters come express to Showmax after airing on Africa Magic Showcase every Monday night.

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