Add Showmax Premier League to your DStv bill for seamless payments

By Sameer Naik31 May 2024

Add Showmax Premier League to your DStv bill for seamless payments

Showmax, the leading streaming service in Africa, has teamed up with DStv to offer customers a seamless payment option for the Showmax Premier League mobile plan.

Under this new partnership, DStv customers on participating plans will have the exclusive opportunity to choose DStv as a payment option when subscribing to the Showmax Premier League.

By opting for this integrated payment method, customers can enjoy access to live sports content on Showmax for a discounted price of only R49 when they add Showmax Premier League to their DStv bill.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in simplifying the payment process for Showmax customers, leveraging the established infrastructure of DStv accounts. Through the newly implemented payment integration system, Showmax Premier League Mobile subscribers can conveniently pay for their subscriptions using their DStv account, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the payment process.

The partnership between Showmax and DStv underscores a shared commitment to enhancing customer convenience and accessibility to premium entertainment services.

By offering a user-friendly payment solution, the two industry leaders aim to redefine the customer experience in the world of live sports streaming and entertainment.

This innovative payment solution represents a major step forward in the evolving landscape of digital entertainment services, demonstrating Showmax and DStv’s dedication to providing customers with seamless and efficient payment options.

Stay tuned as this formidable partnership continues to shape the future of sports entertainment subscription services.

Frequently asked questions

What is Showmax ATB?

DStv customers can add Showmax to their active DStv package and depending on the DStv package they are on, will be able to pay a discounted amount or full price.

This means that customers can enjoy the convenience of paying for both DStv and Showmax at one go.

Which DStv packages qualify for EPL ATB?

  • DStv Premium
  • DStv Compact Plus
  • DStv Compact
  • DStv Family
  • DStv Access

What are the discounts for Premier League ATB for each DStv package?

  • All DStv customers will pay R49 for their Showmax Premier League subscription when they add to the bill.

How to add Showmax Premier League to my DStv bill?

1. WhatsApp

  • Send a message on the DStv WhatsApp number.
  • Enter the name of the add on they want to add to their DStv account.
  • Confirm to add Showmax Premier League mobile to their DStv account.
  • Showmax Premier League has been successfully added.
  • Follow the email instructions to either sign in or create a Showmax profile on the Showmax website.

2. DStv Self-Service

  • Using your DStv customer details, sign in or sign up on to the MyDStv Self-Service website or app.
  • Click My products, then subscriptions and select an active DStv subscription.
  • Select the plus sign + on “Add to the subscription”.
  • Navigate to the Showmax banner and click add to add Showmax.
  • Click on accept to accept the quote that was generated.
  • Click continue to Showmax.
  • Create a Showmax account or sign in.
  • Start watching.

3. Clarity (through Customer Care)

  • Give the customer care agent your DStv customer number for verification.
  • They will select Showmax Premier League in your profile, and will verify your email address.
  • You will receive a confirmation email – click on “create account” to sign up to Showmax.
  • Enter your email address and create an account.
  • Start watching.

Who qualifies to pay using this payment method?

All new and existing Showmax customers with an active DStv account.

Which Showmax plans qualify for this payment method?

The focus is on the Premier League mobile plan.

In which countries will the payment method be available?

Available in South Africa only.

When is this payment method officially available on the Showmax platform?

The option to add Showmax Premier League to your DStv account has been available since 25 April 2024.

What if I want to change and pay with other payment methods?

Customers will need to cancel the ATB option on DStv Self-Service and wait for the end of the billing cycle to be able to add a different payment method.

Updating your payment method:

1. Visit the Showmax website and sign in.

2. Select account on the top right menu bar.

3. Navigate to the update payment method under the plans and payment tab.

4. Choose your new payment method.

5. Update details and confirm.