Adulting Season 2 episode 3 recap: Party crashers and panty flashers

By Gen Terblanche20 December 2023

Adulting Season 2 episode 3 recap: Party crashers and panty flashers

Adulting Season 2 has our four gents ‒ Bonga (Thembinkosi Mthembu), Vuyani (Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu), Mpho (Thabiso Rammusi) and Eric (Nhlanhla Kunene) ‒ back in the game. Episode 3 centres on some life-changing decisions, cheeky new moves, and Bonga’s 33rd birthday bash. Watch Adulting S2 now. New episodes every Monday. 

What happened in Adulting S2 episode 2? 

Eric set his sights on feisty troublemaker Diminkys, aka Minki (Samkelo Ndlovu). After throwing a massive tantrum and trying to deny paternity of his mistress Palesa’s (Diddy Padi) baby, Mpho crumbled when he held his daughter (Thingoentle Ndlovu) in his arms. Bonga paid the price for being a user when his jet setting lover Bontle (Nomalanga Shozi) lashed out. And Vuyani took his sugar baby law student girlfriend, Zelda (Obakeng Kgwedi), home to meet his family only to get “Marriage, when?” demands from his dad,  (Lindani Nkosi). 

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Did you forget self-care? 

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Episode 3 opens with Minki making breakfast for Eric after an all-night sex marathon. For MaGetty (Nandi Nyembe), who raised Eric, this means walking in on a strange woman in her kitchen, cooking her food, and serving her breakfast at her own table while wearing a shirt and no pants. It’s Biblical sin, straight out of the book of Presumptions! The moment Minki leaves the room, MaGetty asks Eric whether he has forgotten about the existence of masturbation.  

After church, it’s time for tea with the pastor (Gabriel Mini) again. MaGetty is fuming at Eric for slouching with his shoes up on the furniture and knocking back a beer when Minki walks in – still fully Donald Ducking it, shirt, no pants – being a cheeky little Jezebel. And when Eric tries to reprimand her for disrespecting the pastor, Minki asks whether he’s trying to be her stylist. Eric wanted a feisty woman, now he’s got one. She’s still making herself at home when the guys roll up to hang out with Eric … and they’re too scared to stop her! Behind closed doors, though, Minki has the imagination and insight to pamper Eric like a delicate little prince. 

Work it out, Vuyani 

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Vuyani’s getting pressed to pay his fees by the gym’s manager (Michael Zulu), who’s at his wits’ end about Vuyani claiming he doesn’t have the cash because his clients are in Dezemba mode. So when Vuyani’s client Portia (Thembi Seete) brings up the topic of private sessions again and urges him to call her, they navigate the awkward minefield of setting up a different kind of “arrangement”: one in which Portia pays Vuyani R30 000 per session instead of R3 000, and he never has a broke day in his life again. And nor will his lady love, Zelda.  

Second family 

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At Palesa’s place, Mpho passes on his own mom’s parenting tips to the exhausted first-time mom, all thought of a DNA test forgotten. Mpho promises Palesa that he’s going to be a man for her, and raises the idea of coming clean with his wife, Zithulele (Lungile Duma). Meanwhile, at home, Zithulele is holding court about Mitzi Thibedi’s latest book, The Truth About Sex and Marriage (we spy a nod to Adulting creative producer Mmamitse Thibede) and showing her lady friends some tools they can use to spice things up, mistress style. Why should the other woman have all the fun?

So that idea about Mpho telling Zithulele the truth, should he do it now in front of them? Or how about after Zithulele suggests that they try for a baby daughter together? 

Bonga’s big bash 

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Bonga’s planning a blow-out birthday party for his 33rd birthday, and he’s paying 10 of the hottest women money can buy to show up and give him and his friends a good time. So he makes clear that this is not a BYOB(abe) party. This is the launch of Bonga “Solomon Sex Machine” Tembe! But Eric tells Bonga that if Minki is too common for Bonga’s party, then so is he. And Zithulele rocks up in her leopard print dress, so now what?  

Bonga’s bash has it all: a photobooth, Bonga’s name in huge, light-up letters, a DJ booth, a thumping soundtrack, party crashers, a three-tiered cake, champagne, cigars and sparklers, and a deeply uncomfortable conversation about how Mpho needs a side hustle to support his side piece and their kid so he doesn’t steal from his family.  

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It also has what every truly unforgettable party needs: diva drama. Minki asks Eric what they should steal from Bonga’s place and she shows a Sandton lady her claws. But stand back, Minki, because when Bontle crashes the party and pulls back the velvet curtain to find Bonga living up to his new name, she creates an all-out brawl that leads to Bonga pulling the plug on the party.  

And the night is not over because there’s a knock at the door and one final uninvited guest: Bonga’s deadbeat dad (Bongani Gumede), who reveals that he has cancer.  

Episode 4 is going to get us wrecked! 

Who’s who in Adulting: the Big Four 

30, flirty and still raising hell, Adulting’s four big boys – Bonga, Eric, Vuyani and Mpho – have been inseparable since they were at university together.  

  • Thembinkosi Mthembu plays Bonga: The Alpha. Hot bod. Daddy issues. Single, rich, ambitious and catnip to women. Bonga is a construction and development project manager. 
  • Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu plays Vuyani: Madlisa. Joker. Fashionista. The former escort seems to have found his niche – and his financial independence – as a personal trainer…until temptation makes him sweat. 
  • Thabiso Rammusi plays Mpho: The Family Man and father to two young boys. Traditional husband. Reformed cheater, or so he claims. Mpho is an electrical engineer and salary man whose money stretches to comfort, but not luxury. 
  • Nhlanhla Kunene plays Eric: Gintsa. Loving dad. Great friend. Hair trigger temper. Now that he’s done his time for hijacking crimes, he’s determined to rebuild himself. But when it comes to women, he can’t resist a baddie. 

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