Adulting Season 2 episode 6 recap: Homecoming

By Gen Terblanche9 January 2024

Adulting Season 2 episode 6 recap: Homecoming

Progress isn’t linear and Adulting Season 2 episode 6 has our four gents ‒ Bonga (Thembinkosi Mthembu), Vuyani (Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu), Mpho (Thabiso Rammusi) and Eric (Nhlanhla Kunene) ‒ taking one step forward and two steps back. Bonga returns to his ex-fiancée Nkanyezi (Londeka Sishi), Bonga’s dad returns home, Eric goes back to the Eastern Cape, Vuyani’s client goes back on her word, and Mpho brings his mistress back home. Watch Adulting Season 2 now. New episodes every Monday.

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What happened in Adulting S2 episode 5?

Eric’s girlfriend Minki (Samkelo Ndlovu) cycled through high-drama makeups and breakups until he broke things off for good after he found himself waving a gun at her mother. Mpho used his contracting job with Bonga to keep his wife Zithulele (Lungile Duma) in the dark about his continued affair with his baby mama Palesa (Diddy Padi).

Vuyani took on a new high-end sex work client, Cindy (Londiwe Nene), who was referred by his established client Portia (Thembi Seete), in an effort to compete with the performance perks that his sugar baby Zelda’s (Obakeng Kgwedi) boss was showering on her. Bonga’s dad (Bongani Gumede) opened up to him about why he abandoned their family, but had to be rushed to hospital for emergency surgery related to his stage four prostate cancer.

I hate my sick dad

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Bonga has his dad back home but happy reconciliation is short-lived when dad reveals that he’s stopped taking medication (medical professionals, let’s talk about how dad’s care team is botching communication!). When Bonga tries to order him around, dad pulls him up short about his attitude, and the specialist in charge of Bonga’s dad’s case reveals that the cancer has spread and that dad has little time left, with or without treatment.

Grief stricken, Bonga rocks up drunk on his ex-fiancée, Nkanyezi’s (Londeka Sishi), doorstep to cry on her shoulder. Looks like there’s someone out there that he trusts more than any of his gents! Bonga opens up to Nkanyezi about how conflicted he is between the hatred and contempt he has for this man who’s also his father.

After talking with Nkanyezi, Bonga takes his father to his mother’s (Deli Malinga) house, where he tells the family about his illness. And Bonga’s drunkard brother (Brian Khumalo) tries to remind Bonga of better days when their father would bring them cheap toys from Johannesburg.


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Zelda tells Vuyani that he’s “a real man” before thanking him for all the gifts. But the next time he’s with the gents, Bonga gleefully rubs salt in the wound when Vuyani admits that he and Zelda are arguing a lot and he suspects her of lying about where she’s getting all her other gifts from.

At the gym it looks like Portia and Cindy have been spreading the good news because a woman named Margaret (Lethabo Lejoy Mathato) approaches Vuyani to ask about private sessions. Together they defile the gym’s sauna room but afterwards Margaret refuses to pay Vuyani, despite agreeing to the arrangement beforehand. When he protests, she tauntingly asks him what he’s going to do about it.

The girl next door

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Palesa is horrified by Mpho’s crassness when he brings up Bonga’s (joking) suggestion that she move into his complex so that they can continue their affair at his convenience. But he steamrollers over all her protests and input, claiming to be acting on behalf of their baby. At home, Mpho finds it harder to override Zithulele when she suggests that they should be saving more money instead of splashing money on a party for their twins, and she “rewards” his new attitude with sex over the spreadsheets.

Later, Mpho and Palesa are out shopping for her move when they run into Zelda, and Mpho recognises introduces Palesa to her as his “cousin”, Paballo, but then almost immediately fluffs things by using her real name after Zelda notices how much “Paballo’s” baby looks like him. And at the twins’ birthday party, Zelda asks after “cousin Paballo” in front of Zithulele. So it doesn’t take long for Zithulele to put the clues together between that comment, Mpho’s phone, and his laundry, that Mpho has abandoned radical honesty for lying and cheating.


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Eric admits to his grandmother MaGetty (Nandi Nyembe) that his relationship with Minki took over because he was devastated by the way his daughter Ncumisa’s (Siphesihle Khanyile) family in the Eastern Cape rejected him, and they put their heads together to discuss how he’s going to meet the family’s conditions for getting Ncumisa back.

Later, Eric, MaGetty and their pastor (Gabriel Mini) drive off to the Eastern Cape together for a respectful meeting with the family elders, including Ncumisa’s other grandmother (Busisiwe Mambi). But what might really turn the tables in his favour is the sight of Ncumisa standing over Eric and embracing this black-clad sinner while dressed in white and catching the morning light like an angel.

Back home at Ncumisa’s joyful welcome home tea, MaGetty heaps praise on Eric for becoming a good man. But Minki isn’t done with Eric yet, and everyone rushes outside to see her smashing up his car while all the neighbours film the drama on their phones.

It doesn’t matter whether she’s from Sandton or Alex, break a girl’s heart and she’ll smash your stuff.

Who’s who in Adulting: the Big Four

30, flirty and still raising hell, Adulting’s four big boys – Bonga, Eric, Vuyani and Mpho – have been inseparable since they were at university together. Thembinkosi Mthembu plays Bonga: The Alpha. Hot bod. Daddy issues. Single, rich, ambitious and catnip to women. Bonga is a construction and development project manager. Luthando ‘BU’ Mthembu plays Vuyani: Madlisa. Joker. Fashionista. The former escort seems to have found his niche – and his financial independence – as a personal trainer…until temptation makes him sweat. Thabiso Rammusi plays Mpho: The Family Man and father to two young boys. Traditional husband. Reformed cheater, or so he claims. Mpho is an electrical engineer and salary man whose money stretches to comfort, but not luxury. Nhlanhla Kunene plays Eric: Gintsa. Loving dad. Great friend. Hair trigger temper. Now that he’s done his time for hijacking crimes, he’s determined to rebuild himself. But when it comes to women, he can’t resist a baddie.

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