Agu, Showmax’s Nigerian Original limited series, is now streaming

14 December 2023

Agu, Showmax’s Nigerian Original limited series, is now streaming

The six-part legal drama merges the meticulousness of law with the mysticism of traditional beliefs in a showdown between tradition and urbanity. Directed by Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2020 winner for Best TV Series Drama/Comedy, Anis Halloway, the limited series features a stellar cast including Kanayo O Kanayo, Nonso Odogwu and Ruby Okezie. The series also stars Mofe Duncan, Tina Mba, Ireti Doyle, Linda Ejiofor Suleiman, Ego Nwosu, Vine Olugu and ex-Big Brother Titans housemate Miracle Op.

A gripping trailer sets the stage for a journey of suspense in the story of Agu. After Felix is murdered in cold blood in the forest, Etim (Kanayo O Kanayo) finds himself mysteriously drawn into the murder case, pitched against Victoria (Rubi Okezie), a dynamic young lawyer who holds damaging secrets about him.

The courtroom drama becomes a high-stakes battle as shocking revelations emerge, creating a clash between law and witchcraft, where truth is elusive, and shadows conceal the real story.

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Addressing the central theme, the director of the series, Anis Halloway, explained: “Agu, while having a legal overview, is a human story at its core. It deals with everyday life and its anomalies, touching on how superstition can shape one’s perspective to the point of influencing factual truths. It also deals with pain, love, rejection, and the resilience of the human spirit.”

Halloway also highlighted the outstanding performances, with Kanayo O Kanayo delivering one of the best of his career. He emphasised, “Apart from the fact that Kanayo O Kanayo (Etim) gave one of the best performances of his life and all the actors delivered at such an ace level, the story is very relatable with core elements which will resonate among the viewers. Agu is a well-written, cinematically shot TV show that will keep you at the edge of your seat, leaving you wanting more after each episode.”

Executive Head of Content and West Africa Channels, Dr Busola Tejumola, expressed excitement about Showmax’s commitment to delivering culturally rich content with the new series. “I am thrilled to see Showmax delivering compelling and culturally rich content to our audience with the debut of Agu. This limited series adds to our diverse portfolio of original content and reaffirms our commitment to providing unique and entertaining storytelling experiences for our viewers in West Africa and beyond,” she said.

As Agu unfolds on Showmax every Thursday, viewers can anticipate a blend of tradition, law, and a rich tapestry of human emotions, keeping them engaged with each episode’s twists and turns. They can also join the conversation by following Showmax Nigeria on social media and using the hashtag #AguShowmax.