6 August 2019

All’s fair in love and war as Brenda Wairimu joins Selina

In case you haven’t heard, Brenda Wairimu (Shuga, Monica) has joined Selina in the latest episodes of the hit Swahili telenovela. Brenda, who plays Nelson’s (Pascal Tokodi) new love interest Rosette, is a refreshing addition to the cast and she’s made it known that she isn’t here to play nice when it comes to winning over Nelson’s heart.


Only a few episodes in, and Rosette is already causing trouble at the Mackenzie household and disrupting the #Selison fandom. Is it too soon for #Nelrose yet?

It’s time Nelson focused his energy on something other than Selina (Celestine Gachuhi) anyway seeing as he hasn’t been the same since she abandoned him at the altar and married his psycho cousin Biko (Peter Kamau, Tahidi High) instead. From one bad decision to the next like bringing home random girls (hey, Shix Kapienga!), getting senselessly drunk or even overdosing on pain medication, Nelson has been on a downward spiral as he looks for every opportunity to get Selina back.

Of course, his mother Patricia Mackenzie (Helen Keli) wasn’t just about to watch his son pine over Selina for the rest of his life. Enter Rosette, the kind stranger Patricia meets at a restaurant and decides to fix up her son with.

Who is Rosette really?

At face value, Rosette is the perfect woman. She comes from a good family, she’s well-educated, good-natured and above all, she volunteers her time to help others. But looks can be deceiving, and Rosette isn’t just any other girl.

Other than the fact that she’s embodied by Brenda Wairimu, Rosette is the first worthy opponent who threatens the strong yet torturous bond that Selina and Nelson still share. She’s the kind of woman who doesn’t give up once she’s set her eyes on something that she wants (in this case, Nelson). And we are surprisingly learning what that means for a woman whose way of loving hangs somewhere between obsession and possession.

Anyone who’s followed Brenda’s career through the years – from her Kalasha-nominated role in Changing Times to her recent role in Tosh Gitonga’s rom-com Disconnect – can agree that it’s gratifying to see her ease more and more into her “bad girl” persona that also saw her play the ambitious social-climber Monica in the drama series Monica. You can stream Season 1-2 now.

It’s exciting to see how far she will go as Rosette – and what other shocking personality she will reveal to us in the coming episodes. But most importantly, will she succeed in winning over Nelson and finally getting him to move on from Selina? Only time will tell. For now, the fight is on and it seems like Rosette is winning, and gaining allies while at it. Here’s a thought, imagine an alliance between Biko and Rosette?

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