And that’s a wrap for Grassroots Season 1

21 October 2019

And that’s a wrap for Grassroots Season 1

Thirteen episodes later and we’ve reached the end of the road with 1Magic’s riveting drama series about two young men from rival families in the Eastern Cape who attend a prestigious boarding school.

While the attempt to end Monwabisi and Asanda’s families’ ongoing fight proves futile, we can’t help but wonder if this cliffhanger of an ending will lay the foundations for the next season.

So much has happened, and so many questions need answering.

Questions like: Will Tau be bought to book for his hideous actions against Asanda and Gog’ Selina? Is Nolwazi pregnant with Asanda’s baby? And will Monwabisi’s heinous crime land him in jail or six feet under?

But the biggest question remains: Will Clive Morris Productions create a second season of Grassroots?

Viewers were left gobsmacked by the sudden ending of the show as there are far too many missing pieces to this puzzle.

In celebration of the season finale, Clive Morris Productions has shared behind-the-scenes footage of the show, a sneak peek of all the hard work that has gone into making Grassroots a success.

If you’ve missed out on the entire first season of Grassroots, make sure to catch all 13 episodes, available to stream on Showmax.

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