Ayanda and Nonku discuss Sfiso: The Real Housewives of Durban

5 February 2021

Ayanda and Nonku discuss Sfiso: The Real Housewives of Durban

In episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Durban,Ayanda and Nonku gave us all a great example of how to address uncomfortable situations.

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After episode 1, we knew that the two had unfinished business, and after years of knowing of each other – but never actually meeting – they were finally able to get a few things off their chests.

It all happened at Sorisha’s dinner, where both women were guests. Nonku dropped a bombshell when she told Ayanda that she had a lovechild with Ayanda’s late husband, gospel star Sfiso Ncwane.

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Although Ayanda was shocked at first, she calmed down and admitted that she knew about Nonku’s daughter. She just had no idea that this was the same Nonku who’d been with her husband back in the day. Ayanda even mentioned the fact that she’d called Nonku years ago to talk about her daughter. 

She said they looked for her at the time of the funeral. “So, you are the Nonku,” Ayanda said. “I thought you’d bring Nothile to the funeral, assuming you’d want to give her closure.”

Although we sensed a bit of animosity between the two, they eventually handled the conversation pretty well.

Nonku mentioned that she was saddened by Sfiso’s death. “I really loved Sfiso. Not in a romantic way,” she said, adding that he had a heart of gold. It seemed like there were no hard feelings at all between her and Ayanda.

They didn’t really want to focus on the past and the only important thing was to find a way forward. After speaking for a while, they both decided it would be best for Nonku’s daughter to meet her siblings, Ayanda’s children, so that she could get a sense of belonging.

Nonku told Ayanda that Nothile is the spitting image of her father and that she sings and even plays the piano. Ayanda said it would be best if she took Nothile to her father’s resting place and this would also be a symbol of new beginnings.

While this was a difficult conversation to have, both Ayanda and Nonku displayed a level of maturity that you don’t see every day. Their fellow cast members commended them for reaching an amicable solution without any drama.

Ayanda and Nonku even exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet soon to chat about Sfiso and Nothile.

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