30 October 2023

Bae Beyond Borders episode 2 recap: Kingsly is all over Zezethu

Is love at first sight a thing? If Kingsly’s behaviour on the latest episode of Bae Beyond Borders is anything to go by, it looks like it does happen. After the ladies landed in Nigeria, they got to meet the eight guys they picked and had to spend some time together. There was excitement, nerves and a whole lot of “good competitive energy”. Everybody wanted to make a good first impression. 

From the moment his eyes landed on Zezethu, Kingsly was smitten, and he couldn’t hide it. “When I hugged her [Zezethu], I felt good. I felt really, really good. Looking straight into her eyes, I saw everything that I desired to see. At that particular point, it all ignited and started happening,” the Nigerian shared. 

Single and ready to mingle

The welcome event was meant to be a space where the ladies and gentlemen could mingle, get to know each other and see who they’re into the most. 

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Vuvu was in “awe” of Eric and said he looked better in person than he did online. Meanwhile, Zezethu could instantly tell that Kingsly was definitely into her. “If the other guys are trying to talk to me, he talks on top of them. He wasn’t giving other guys a chance. I was like ‘this guy needs to chill. He’s doing too much’,” she said. 

A bit too much 

Although she would have liked to chat to other guys more, Zezethu agreed to have a conversation with Kingsly in private. This was Kingsly’s opportunity tell her exactly how he feels. He told her: “This is one of the most exciting moments for me. Like, I’m not playing about it. This is one of my most exciting moments. And I don’t know if I should say his right here because I’ve been digging…” 

Bae Beyond Borders is on Showmax

He told her that he did research on her because when he likes something, he invests his time. He mentioned how happy and proud his mom would be to see that he had picked Zezethu. Kingsly then gave her a ring for her birthday. While she appreciated the kind gesture, Zezethu shared: “Now he’s doing a lot. He’s acting too much … He’s saying crazy stuff.”

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