Bae Beyond Borders episode 3 recap: Flirty in-person dates

By Zimkitha6 November 2023

Bae Beyond Borders episode 3 recap: Flirty in-person dates

Now that the ladies and gents of Bae Beyond Borders have officially met, it’s time to get down to some serious business. All the surface level stuff is becoming less important now, and it’s time to get to know each other on a deeper level. On the latest episode of Bae Beyond Borders, the women finally got a chance to have some one-on-one with their potential baes.

The ladies were given a chance to choose two gentlemen that they’d be going on solo dates with. Mali chose Joshua and Eric as her first two solo dates. She went out with Joshua, who was more than comfortable in her presence. He said the vibe he was getting from Mali was like he was talking to a normal friend. While it felt like a friendly conversation, things were a bit off after Mali found out that he was still living with his sister. Mali feels like if you’re looking for a girlfriend you must at least have your own apartment so that you have freedom.

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However, that did not stop them from forming a meaningful connection and she said: “My thoughts on the date with Joshua, we were flowing. It was more like the online date we had.” On her second date with Eric, they spoke about different things, including his thoughts on South African girls.

Meanwhile, Nande went chose to go out with Chidubem and Daniel C. Unfortunately, Daniel couldn’t make it, so she ended up with Promise, who wasn’t too excited because he felt like a second option. On her date with Chidubem, they discussed a number of topics including what quality times means and looks like. The date went well and at the end, Chidubem said: “There’s a lot of chemistry between me and Nande. I can tell she’s feeling me. Ah yeah, I’m feeling her too.”

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Vuvu also had the opportunity to get up close and personal with two guys and she chose Luciano and Daniel C. According to her, those two guys stood out and she looked forward to hanging out with them. “I really enjoyed you [Daniel C] but I think we didn’t really get time to, you know connect and speak. So, I want you all to myself today…” Their date seems to have gone well as explained by Daniel C. “She paid attention to details. She looked into my eyes, very flirty.”

Vuvu was happy to have picked Luciano because he’s a “nice guy”. “He’s shorter than what I initially wanted… But I think, you know, his personality came through a little bit today,” she said.

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For her two dates, Zezethu went with Kingsley and Peter. If you recall, Kingsley was all over Zezethu when they first met, and he made it clear that she’s the woman for him. When she asked him how he’d handle being in a long-distance relationship, Kingsley said: “I’m a versatile person. I move up and down. You decide. My lady decides. If you want me to move over, I’ll move. If you want to come over here, perfect for me.”

On her date with Peter, Zezethu had an extremely good time and they connected on a deeper level. “I know it’s deep. When you were leaving you said, ‘I’ll be seeing you, my heart told me this girl will come back again’,” Peter told Zezethu. He added: “She’s like a female version of me.” While Zezethu didn’t think the date would go well, she admitted that it exceeded her expectation.

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