Bae Beyond Borders Season 1 episode 4 recap: Zezethu drops Kingsly for Peter

By Zimkitha13 November 2023

Bae Beyond Borders Season 1 episode 4 recap: Zezethu drops Kingsly for Peter

Now this a relationship we didn’t see coming. Zezethu and Peter are booed up and no one is going to come between them – not even Kingsly. After having an explosive date on the previous episode of Bae Beyond Borders, the South African lady and the Nigerian gentleman decided to continue to explore their attraction for each other. This meant cutting ties with other connections and sadly, it didn’t end well for Kingsly.

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Their blooming romance went to another level when Peter spoiled Zezethu to a pamper session in the house. She was over the moon, although not all the ladies were entirely happy for her. “I think I smelled like envious excitement,” said after Vuvu made comments about her gift from Peter. She wasn’t completely off the mark because Vuvu did feel some type of way.

“At this point, I’m bored because no one is doing my nails. Yeah, I’m not interested,” Vuvu shared.

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Natural jealousy

Zezethu, who was evidently happy, could smell the jealousy from a mile away. “In terms of everything that’s happening right now, the ladies are obviously like ‘oh, you’re so lucky, you know? Peter is pulling all the stops’. Obviously, if I was one of the other ladies I would also feel a bit jealous,” she said, adding that jealousy is natural.

The show had to go on and the ladies met up with the guys for another mingle session. Kingsly, who wasn’t aware of the fact that he had lost Zezethu, was beyond happy to see her. Zezethu on the other hand, was trying not to make too much eye contact. “Because I know that I’m with Peter. Like, my heart is with Peter,” she said.

It’s not you, it’s me

She was also forced to come clean to Kingsly after Peter shared his discomfort with their relationship. He discovered that they had shared a kiss, although it was just a “baby kiss”, according to Zezethu. “I love respect, and I love to be respected,” Peter said on the Showmax Original reality series. Zezethu had no choice but to let Kingsly down during their one-on-one conversation. “I do like you, you know? I do like you too, but uhm, I’m going to go with Peter,” she told him.

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He was visibly disappointed and sad. “This is it. It has happened. She’s not for you,” Kingsly remarked. Zezethu apologised after seeing that he didn’t take the news well. She felt emotional as the entire interaction was intense.

Kingsly was in pain and revealed: “That was the hardest moment for me because I really never expected her to say that.” Despite that, he wished her well. Zezethu felt that she made the right choice and while her feelings for Kingsly were genuine, she wouldn’t be able to juggle two guys as that would be unfair.

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