Bae Beyond Borders: Will the ladies find love in Nigeria?

By Zimkhitha26 October 2023

Bae Beyond Borders: Will the ladies find love in Nigeria?

How far are you willing to go to meet the love of your life? Well, for four South African ladies, distance isn’t a thing when it comes to matters of the heart. Mali, Zezethu, Nande and Vuvu decided to think differently about dating and go beyond the shores of SA in an attempt to find their life partners.  

The single ladies are part of Showmax’s latest Original dating series Bae Beyond Borders. The first episode kicked off this week and viewers watched as they virtually met their 12 potential suitors, who are all based in Nigeria.  

Diving in  

Mali, who describes herself as talkative and outspoken, believes that love doesn’t have a race and it doesn’t have borders. “If you both love each other, I’m sure you can make it work even if you come from different backgrounds,” she said on the season premiere. Zezethu is also open to the idea of meeting someone on the show.

“Someone that has a different type of thinking than the type of men that I’ve been exposed to. Whether we end up together or not, lifelong, it doesn’t matter. But I just hope that I will learn something from it, and he will be a great guy,” she shared.  

Zezethu in Bae Beyond Borders

For Nande, love hasn’t been so kind as her biggest heartbreak was finding her friend and her ex-partner in bed together. While that was a hurtful experience, she’s now aware of the fact that if it isn’t meant for her, it isn’t for her. “I’ll just pack my things and move on,” Nande said.

It seems Vuvu also knows a thing or two about moving on. Her dating life is currently “non-existent”, but she loves love and doesn’t cheat herself out of the experience when she’s with someone, whether it lasts or not. “I love giving love. Like you know, some people when they first start dating, they dip a foot in to test the water, I just dive in,” she revealed.  

The idea match 

The four single ladies got a chance to mingle with their potential partners through video calls; they were in South Africa, while the guys were in Nigeria. They each spoke to the guys individually, asking them important questions about life, dating and other interesting topics.  

Vuvu on Bae Beyond Borders on Showmax

During her chat with Eric, Zezethu wanted to know about his past relationships.  

“I’ve been single since Covid. It was a case of the lockdown where you’re confined to a space with your partner because we were living together for about three months,” he told her via video call. He added: “I began to see stuff that I didn’t see when see when we had to go to work and spend time together.”  

The guys also got to reveal what their ideal partner looks like. Speaking about the type of woman he wants, Joshua, who also connected with the ladies, said his ideal partner is someone who’s smart, beautiful, compassionate and intelligent. “Someone I can have really deep conversations with.” Some of the other guys mentioned kindness and friendliness as an important trait from a woman. For Edozie, a partner who will accept him whether he messes up or not is the ideal match.  

The final eight  

After their first virtual dates, the ladies got together to discuss which eight men they’d be moving forward with. A lot was said, and they shared why they preferred certain guys instead of others. Topics such as such as the guys’ height, intelligence and voice were brought to the table and in the end, a decision was made. 

Bae Beyond Borders on Showmax

Peter, Amazn, Luciano, Chidubem, Daniel C, Kingsley, Eric and Joshua were chosen, and they were excited to be part of the eight. The single ladies will now fly to Lagos to meet their potential suitors and hopefully create meaningful connections.  

You can watch new episodes of Bae Beyond Borders every Monday on Showmax.  

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