Based On A True Story S1
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7 August 2023

Based On A True Story S1

The lives of married couple Ava and Nathan change forever when they meet Matt, a mysterious plumber they suspect to be a serial killer. In a bid to capitalise on America’s true crime obsession and achieve their dreams, they embark on a risky venture. 

This gripping Peacock Original series Based On A True Story stars Kaley Cuoco (The Flight Attendant, The Big Bang Theory) and Chris Messina (Sharp Objects) and offers a darkly comic exploration of society’s infatuation with morbid crime. With an Emmy-nominated creator and a talented production team behind it, this thrilling show is bound to keep you hooked. Get ready for an exciting and hilarious indictment of our obsession with true crime.

The Los Angeles Times calls it “a hilarious indictment of the public’s preoccupation with morbid crime and the media’s fire hose of content in service of that addiction.”

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