BBNaija All Stars: Ike, Seyi, Prince Nelson, and Lucy evicted
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4 September 2023

BBNaija All Stars: Ike, Seyi, Prince Nelson, and Lucy evicted

As the BBNaija All Stars season gradually comes to an end, this Sunday Live Eviction saw the departure of four Housemates in one fell swoop.

Seyi, Ike, and House guests Prince Nelson and Lucy said their goodbyes to the All Stars House following their eviction from the show.

In case you missed it, here’s all that went down on this week’s Sunday Live Eviction show.

Ike hits the stage

Ike was the first Housemate to be given the boot and soon after joined Ebuka on stage to discuss his time in the house.

Referring to Ike’s somewhat risque strategy, Ebuka asked if he was proud of the game he played, to which Ike responded that he was, adding that every House needs a “bad boy.” Ebuka also asked Ike why he did not want Mercy to win the season, to which he replied, “I love her as a person, but she don collect once na, abeg let another collect na.”

Finally, Ebuka asked whether his situation with Cee-C was a strategy or a genuine friendship, to which Ike replied that it was genuine.

“Some of the little play we played was a little strategy, you know what I mean, but Cee-C is my girl, we will see more content when she comes out,” he added.

Lucy gets evicted

In her chat with Ebuka on stage following her eviction, Lucy shared that she had an amazing time in the House and that this season felt different for her.

“I really felt loved,” she declared.

Ebuka chats with Doyin

Ebuka began by congratulating Doyin on successfully snagging the Head of House title she had been seeking and then asked why she said Cee-C, Adekunle, and Ilebaye had jeopardiased things in the House.

“I felt like we were asking for people to take roles to imitate Housemates and they just refused to. They had reasons like, oh they can’t do imitations very well, which I didn’t think were reasonable reasons, but they said it regardless,” Doyin explained.

“I would have added Venita to the list, but she came in last minute, so I excluded her from the list,” she concluded.

Ebuka then asked Doyin if she thought she had done enough as HoH to rally the Housemates to execute the wager, to which she replied, “I think I could have done a lot more, I think I could have been a lot more aggressive, but I’m not going to carry the House fight on my head, the wager is for all of us, if you are not responsible enough to work for what you need, I’m not going to force you to do that.”

Prince Nelson says goodbye

Prince Nelson’s eviction from the BBNaija All Stars House was unlike any other.

Biggie first announced that he had a special mission for Prince Nelson then told him to pack his belongings. Later on, Biggie summoned him to the diary room to tell him that his time in the House had come to an end.

On stage, Ebuka asked Prince Nelson why he seemed sad to leave, and he responded by saying, “Omo you actually feel like you are going to come in there, just have fun and then leave, but when it’s time to leave, you know everything just starts coming all over you, and you feel like you just want to stay one more day, that’s what happened.”

Seyi exits the building

Following his eviction, Seyi joined Ebuka on stage, who asked him how he would rate his experience on the show.

“Omo it was one heck of a rollercoaster ride, ups, downs, it was crazy,” he shared.

Seyi then once again seized the opportunity to apologise for saying “disgusting words that he was not proud of” to describe women while on the show.

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