BBNaija: All Stars – Kim Oprah and Doyin evicted
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11 September 2023

BBNaija: All Stars – Kim Oprah and Doyin evicted

With BBNaija: All Stars approaching its end with only three weeks left, Sunday night’s eviction was anything but regular.

Doyin and House guest Kim Oprah were evicted from the house, but not before Doyin caused a stir!

Here’s all that went down on this week’s Sunday Live Eviction show.

Intense gbas gbos

Ebuka began by first congratulating Sholzy on his win as the Head of House, then asked him why he didn’t choose Kim Oprah as a BFF.

Sholzy explained that he did not want to come between anybody in the house.

“I decided to pick people wen no dey ship so I got fit control, because if we dey up now guy dey down, e go be like say I dey try separate them, that’s just the reason,” he explained.

Ebuka then turned to Kim Oprah and inquired about the dynamics between herself, Cross and Pere, since she has had intimate moments with Cross, and was also seen asking Pere why he was avoiding her.

Kim Oprah replied that she was not playing out anything and that she knows them individually.

“Pere apparently was trying to avoid me in the house, and I had to ask him a few questions because I know a few people had been talking and he explained that to me, that was basically it,” she explained.

“You are not trying to knock heads among friends?,” Ebuka asked.

“No, I’m only trying to solve issues between the both of them since I’ve been here,” replied Kim Oprah.

Moving on to Doyin, Ebuka was curious as to what she had to say to Venita, as she had said she hoped that Ebuka would question her.

Without mincing words, Doyin said Venita was a “mean girl who thrives on belittling and antagonising people”.

“When she is not cool with you, she wants the entire space to not be comfortable for you to live in, I think that is very mean to do, considering the fact that she is quite old, I expect a lot more maturity from her, she lacks all the maturity, she’s just very disappointing.”

Continuing, Ebuka also asked Doyin to clarify what she said about Venita not being in the House if she wasn’t in a ship, to which Doyin said: “if she (Venita) wasn’t in a ship, she’ll be out of the show by now, I think she owes Adekunle a very big thank you to still be on the show.”

Shots fired!

Adekunle was the next Housemate on Ebuka’s radar, and he probed him about the love letter he found in his closet. Taken aback, Adekunle responded that he did not want to discuss the letter since he felt it was a prank, and he hadn’t told Venita about it yet.

Ebuka then asked who he thought the letter was from, to which Adekunle responded that he initially suspected Kim Oprah, since she is the only one who calls him “bad boy Dex”, which was in the letter. He added that Cee-C was his second suspect.

“And the letter says what exactly?,” Ebuka asked.

“Something about what I have with Venita is a facade and they can’t wait to meet me outside so we can get to know each other and all that.”

Ebuka then asked Cee-C, the alleged author of the letter, if she had written a letter to Adekunle.

“I didn’t do anything like that, and I’ll never do anything like that,” CeeC stated firmly.

Ebuka went further to ask Cee-C if she had feelings for Adekunle to which she said “I no see am for this house oh, I no send am.”

She proceeded to say that she thinks Doyin wrote Adekunle a letter since she gave herself and Alex a letter but told her to read it if she gets evicted.

Bringing his discussion with the Housemates to a close, Ebuka asked Pere about the kiss he shared with Mercy Eke after the Saturday night party, to which Pere replied, “Me and Mercy we are just cool, we are just friendly.”

Eviction time

House guest Kim Oprah was the first Housemate to get kicked out of the House, and when Ebuka asked her if she was having fun or playing a game with Cross, she said “it is serious.”

She went on to say that she had known Cross for six years and had no idea he was harbouring those thoughts until the House.

Ebuka then asked what was happening with her and Pere, to which Kim Oprah said, “I don’t know, right now, I’m focused on Cross.”

Doyin was the next Housemate to get evicted. When asked what was going through her mind because she appeared to be ready to leave the House, and yet wanting to win, Doyin explained that she was “mentally exhausted,” but at the same time, she thought it would be nice to get to the finals.

Ebuka then asked her what she thought was the reason Housemates did not have her back, to which she said, “Ebuka, I think it’s my mouth, this my mouth too sharp, I think so, I think that’s the reason.”

“Do you really feel like you didn’t make any friends this season?,” Ebuka asked.

“Cee-C, I think Cee-C and I were friends, I love that girl, I love Alex,” Doyin said.

“Ilebaye, I don’t know o, we’ll see,” she concluded.

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