BBNaija: All Stars – Tolanibaj and Frodd head home in the first double eviction of the season
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28 August 2023

BBNaija: All Stars – Tolanibaj and Frodd head home in the first double eviction of the season

Another week, another eviction as Frodd and Tolanibaj became the latest Housemates to exit the BBNaija: All Stars House in the first double eviction of the season.

We also saw the confirmation of some major ships in the All Stars house.

Here’s all that went down on this week’s Sunday Live eviction show.

Addressing the ships

Ebuka began the show by questioning the love birds in the house, starting with Soma. He asked whether he and Angel were now official given that Angel had used “the L word”. Soma responded in the affirmative, confirming that the pair were now indeed official.

Ebuka then proceeded to ask Angel why she had been so bothered about not winning the Pardon Me Please challenge, even going so far as to call Adekunle “Venita’s boy toy”. Angel replied that she wasn’t bothered, but felt that what they had done was vindictive.

“Venita had told me to give Adekunle, and obviously that didn’t go as planned, and instead it was given to Cross,” she explained.

Ebuka then moved to Venita and asked what was going on between herself and Adekunle, to which she replied that they were just starting a situation and that she hoped “it extends beyond the House.”

“Are you official as well?,” Ebuka then inquired.

“I would say I am on my end but we haven’t discussed it,” Venita said.

“So are you his girlfriend?” Ebuka asked.

“This is my number one guy right now,” Venita answered.

Ebuka then asked the man in question, Adekunle, if Venita was his girlfriend, to which he replied with a thumbs up and a yes.

Love is in the air!

Ebuka chats with Biggie’s house guests

Ebuka began by asking Sholzy who he was most surprised to see in the House.

“Kim,” Sholzy responded, but he couldn’t explain why he was surprised.

Ebuka then asked Lucy what transpired between herself and Kim that triggered her to want a voluntary exit.

“I think it was just a domino effect kind of thing, so hers was just like one push to every other thing just coming down,” Lucy explained.

Ebuka went on to ask if she was now cool with Kim, and if she felt she overreacted. Lucy responded that it was about her, not Kim.

Still questioning the house guests, Ebuka asked Prince his thoughts on Tolanibaj and Neo, and Prince responded by saying:

“I feel like they are two grown-ass people who make their own decisions on whatever they want to do with themselves, so it’s fine by me, I have no words.”

Ebuka then asked if he saw the situation between Tolanibaj and Neo coming, to which Prince responded by saying that he didn’t see it coming, and was surprised by it.

“It is what it is,” he finished.

Then came Kim Oprah. Ebuka wanted to know what had gone down between herself and Cross to have made llebaye say she wasn’t going to fight over him with her. Kim responded by saying that she thought the situation was taken out of context.

“I think that was taken out of context actually, because that was not the conversation. I think she was a little bit high on some alcohol and she was just making conversation with me.”

“I’ve known Cross for a minute so that’s just that,” she concluded.

More questions

Ebuka then instructed Mercy to report the Housemates who had been kissing to him, since she had been calling his name whenever she saw Housemates kissing.

Mercy, however, declined to mention names instead saying “kissing na small thing for the house na, something wen dem dey collect like kola nut.”

Ebuka ended the Q&A session with Ike by asking if his reformed, less trouble-starting self was only temporary. Ike answered that Lagos had changed him, turning him into a man of feelings, adding that the week had been all about love and light, but not for long.

“From next week though, I dey go back,” he declared.


Eviction time

Tolanibaj was the first Housemate to be kicked out of the House and when she joined Ebuka on stage, she admitted that she expected to leave today because she was “already getting tired of the House”.

Ebuka then reminded her of the Lockdown reunion where she had stated that she was not attracted to Neo, and asked her what had changed. She explained that she didn’t get the chance to know him before,
but now she does and sees what other people don’t see.

“How is your relationship with Vee?” Ebuka then asked to which she said, “we are cordial, I wouldn’t say we are friends, but we are cordial.”

Frodd was the next Housemate to be sent home, which surprised both the Housemates and the viewers. Ebuka asked him to discuss the Pepper Dem alliance in the house, to which Frodd said the
Pepper Dem crew can be aggressive with their techniques but he wasn’t a part of it.

“I know that some of them are coming up with one or two strategies to be able to stay to the finals, but let’s see how it goes, the game this year is not the same,” he stated.

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