Becoming the GOAT: The Tom Brady Story (2022)

5 May 2022

Becoming the GOAT: The Tom Brady Story (2022)

As a seven-time Superbowl winner and a holder of many more NFL records, Tom Brady earned his reputation as the greatest quarterback of all time.

Becoming the GOAT: The Tom Brady Story provides a fascinating study into how he rose from an inauspicious start to his professional career and ended up becoming the most decorated player of them all.

The documentary unpacks the many challenges that Brady faced to get to the top. It shows how he struggled to get playing time in college, which resulted in him not being a coveted player at the NFL draft.

Becoming the GOAT documents his life and career path by talking to his friends from schooldays, college teammates as well as past coaches and players to get to the bottom of what made him tick.

Listening to them gives an added appreciation to his incredible work ethic, unmatched determination, competitive spirit and his intelligence that led to his rise to sporting superstardom.

Tom Brady’s story is a great study of all the tools an athlete needs to become the greatest in their field. This is a must-watch not only for NFL fans, but for all sport lovers to get a better understanding of what it takes to become a GOAT.

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