Born Into Fame episode 4 recap: Phila’s struggle for acceptance

By Zimkitha11 July 2024

Born Into Fame episode 4 recap: Phila’s struggle for acceptance

Are children of famous people not easily accepted by the public? Well, that’s something Phila brought to viewers’ attention on the latest episode of Born into Fame. Although he’s slowly making a name for himself in the entertainment world, it looks like he still has to prove himself to earn some people’s respect.

Speaking to his co-stars, the singer and actor said during a party that AJ organised in his honour: “What the community has shown us is that we are outsiders because of our parents’ work. We have to earn the right to be part of community because we come from legends,” he shared with Shamiso and Tank.

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Dealing with disapproval

He also mentioned that his father didn’t endorse his aspirations of being in the media industry when he was younger. “My father didn’t enjoy the idea of me being in the industry when I was young.” However, he seems to have had a change of heart because he’s witnessed Phila’s hard work and commitment to his dream. “He knows now that my only competition is myself.”

The singer also shed light on the pressures of having a famous father. Phila said he couldn’t fail in school, had to be in the first teams and couldn’t deal with girls. But judging by their different experiences, having famous parents comes with valuable lessons.

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Discipline and support

During the conversation, Tank spoke about how he’s learned a lot from his father, DJ Tira. The one thing that stands out for him is his discipline, something that Tank has yet to perfect. Although he’s following in the award-winning DJ’s footsteps, Tank doesn’t want his kids to be in the same industry. “If I’m going to have kids, I feel like my kids shouldn’t be in the same industry as me. Maybe they can go into business… The industry is brutal.”

Shamiso has had first-hand experience of the brutality of showbiz. In the past, she’s trended on social media for the wrong reasons but has had her mother’s support all the way. Her mother, who has since moved to Europe, has been her support system through the tough times.

“I felt lonely all of a sudden because it hit me that my mom is not here and if you have a meltdown tomorrow or next week, you’re not going to get to hug her, you’re not gonna get her words of wisdom in person and I think it just started setting in that actually, she’s gone,” Shamiso said after saying goodbye to Azania.

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