Bruised egos and buried hurts on the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show

6 July 2020

Bruised egos and buried hurts on the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show

It is difficult to talk to an ex or would-have-been when bruised egos and buried hurts are doing the most talking, and that’s something we witnessed on the latest episodes of the Pepper Dem Reunion show.

A love square got some airtime, but the major talking point was a juicy love triangle that involves a “Ghanaian Jollof”, a Nice Guy and a sweet girl. We knew of #Dialo – Diane and Elozonam – but we didn’t know there was a famous Ghanaian hunk in the picture. When Ebuka mentioned him during the show, social media went gaga.

Our ever-suave host Ebuka opened the show saying the housemates will be discussing all the relationships from the Pepper Dem season – asking how market now?

The show kicked off with the most obvious, Mercy and Ike, the sweet couple who can’t avoid drama. “You were chasing me outside the house,” Mercy said to Ike, reminiscing on how it all started. “Didn’t you send me your address to come meet you?” Ike argued otherwise.

Esther’s love square

We are familiar with love triangles, but who knew love squares are a thing? Like Nigerian Twitter emphasised this week, some of the women of BBNaija have brought fascinating twists to love and romance on the show.

Esther was in a love square during her time in the house as her ship sailed from Tuoyo to Nelson to Frodd, with whom she had an argument on the reunion show when he implied she has sugar daddies.

“Everybody knows what you’re insinuating,” Esther shouted in his direction. “What do you mean by friends in upper echelons?”

Their argument went on and on with both parties accusing each other of not putting in enough energy to make things work. Ebuka aptly captions their situation as a case of things left unsaid and things not trashed out timely.

Diane, MG and Elozonam

In what will be remembered as one of the most iconic love triangles from Big Brother, Diane and Elozonam discussed why they didn’t work, and actor Mawuli Gavor plays a massive role in that. The details are cinematic; stuff you’d see on splashy Nollywood romcoms (you can catch them on the Reunion show, now showing on Showmax).

During the house, #Dialo became a thing, and everyone, including Ike, was happy to see Diane and Elo blossom in love. “In the house, I really like the way they were together,” Ike said about the couple. “I don’t know if I was a shipper, but I wanted to ship them. But Diane, oh my God! You wouldn’t tell from the beautiful face, but she’s complicated upstairs.” Unfortunately, they didn’t work, no thanks to the very handsome MG.

To catch more of the housemates’ discussion on love squares and love triangles, watch new episodes of the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show on Showmax from Monday to Thursday after they air on Africa Magic.

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