Cheta M: The story so far

9 May 2024

Cheta M: The story so far

Many moons ago, Nnanna and Adanna blossomed from childhood friends into lovers. But, as in every epic love story, obstacles emerge from envy and desire: close friends consumed by jealousy and powerful figures longing for what they cannot or should not have.

The love story of Nnanna and Adanna forms the heart of Cheta M, an epic romantic drama weaving multiple love stories. Theirs is not the only great love story in the series, for even generations past echo the central theme: two hearts that are destined for each other will always find their way back, no matter the distance that comes between them.

The story unfolds primarily in Mbgeri, a self-sufficient village governed by a council led by the prideful Nze Ezeguo. He is a wealthy yet morally dubious leader, reminiscent of strong, self-righteous patriarchs like Game of Thrones’ Tywin Lannister and Succession’s Logan Roy. Ezeguo manipulates his children, fostering competition among them while showing favouritism only to whoever survives his games.

Ezeguo’s respect is reserved for his second wife, Kamharida, whom he allegedly took from his archenemy, the despotic king Jideofor of Ajanni kingdom.

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A tale of enmity

Cheta M opens with tensions brewing between peaceful Mbgeri and the tyrannical Ajaani kingdom, ruled by Jideofor. While Igbo people typically lack kings, Jideofor has imposed himself, conquering neighbouring lands and taking prisoners. His sights are set on Mgberi, driven not just by ambition but by a grudge against Ezeguo. Decades ago, when they were still young men, Ezeguo deceived Jideofor, fuelling a simmering resentment that now threatens to erupt into a conflict between both kingdoms.

While Ezeguo, being the smart man that he is, seeks peace, Jideofor brings war to his doorstep. But crisis is averted when the women of Mbgeri, led by Kahmarida, march to the border and bravely confront the men of Ajaani.

One way to find truce is to unite both kingdoms through marriage, but even that proves a hustle as the supposed groom, Ejike, the first son of Ezeguo, is a man with unbridled thirst for women.

Haters of good things

As the talk of war dies, Nnanna and Adanna’s love matures. The childhood friends now start seeing each other as more. Nnanna brings intimate gifts from his adventure into the forest. One particular one, a waist bead, revealed the jealousy that Adanna’s best friend, Mmesoma, nurses because of her interest in Nnanna.

She would try again and again to convince Nnanna to see her, but after dancing around the topic, he finally told her off, mentioning he only has eyes for Adanna.

The statement will come to hurt the couple when an envious Mmesoma reveals their hiding place as they try to escape Ojigijaga.

Ojigijaga: The greedy high priest

The Ezemuo or high priest in any Igbo kingdom represents holiness and is meant to be a wise man with few flaws. Not Ojigijaga though – he is a corrupt Ezemuo who schemes for power with unchecked lust.

Initially aiding Ezeguo’s rise with hopes of getting on the inner council, Ojigijaga’s scheming becomes even more diabolical when his demands are not met – even going as far as blackmailing the inner council, a move that fails like most of his plans.

However, his greatest sin is abusing the acolytes who serve the shrine, and lusting after Adanna, whom he wanted to make an acolyte. He abuses his position and authority as high priest to pursue her, even though she was set to marry Nnanna, her soul tie. The couple fights back but can one win a battle against the spiritual authority of a kingdom?

Chief Obumneme’s daughters

A wonderful subplot that continues the theme of lovers and jealousy unfolds within Chief Obumneme’s household. The chief boasts the prettiest daughters in Mbgeri. Ijeawele, the second born, is a belle whose beauty captivates many; Mmesoma, the last child, is pretty too, but it is her hard work and savvy that distinguish her. Then there is Akuada, the rude eldest one who craves the attention that Ijeawele gets from men. She particularly has eyes for Ikenna, who is smitten by her sister, and will sacrifice a precious part of herself just to get him.

Mmesoma will suffer a similar fate in reverse, with one of her suitors bewitching her into marriage, but it is Ijeawele who suffers the most.

New episodes of Cheta M drop weekly, between Wednesday and Friday, on Showmax. 


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