Clearing the air on the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show

14 July 2020

Clearing the air on the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show

The BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show, now showing on Showmax, has been entertaining and filled with drama. There have been loud arguments, bruised egos and a revival of buried hurts.

On the latest show, host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, whose gospel has always been peace and friendliness, encouraged the housemates to address lingering issues. With grace, he encouraged them to clear the air — maintaining his position that they don’t have to be friends but should be amiable. And they responded with equal grace, owning up to their faults, taking responsibility for their actions and apologising for wrongdoings.

Here are the housemates who’ve reached some form of cordiality.

Ike and Joe

Joe was a nuisance in the house, and Ike, who had earlier embraced Joe’s annoying tactics to aid his game, became one of his victims. Since then, there’s been tension between the two.

“I definitely didn’t like Joe in the house,” Ike said when Ebuka asked what’s going on between them. “That energy that he just came in with – that f-everybody, I’m too smart, I know what’s going – it just rubbed me the wrong way, it really did, and I haven’t let it go.”

They haven’t been able to reconnect after the show, and that hasn’t aided matters. But they cleared the air stating there’s no malice between them.


Ebuka asked Diane if she had anything to say about her situation with Elozonam, and she said she was offended that he hammered on about just one event – the Mawuli Gavor event – and didn’t take responsibility for his transgressions. Elozonam said he fixated on that issue because it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He later apologised for his role in their relationship not blossoming before telling Ebuka that they have now been reduced to acquaintances, but are cordial.

Tacha and Seyi

Seyi may have apologised to Tacha earlier on the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show, but as we found out this week, there were still unresolved issues. Tacha still feels hurt and maintains Seyi doesn’t understand friendship. Seyi maintained his stance that Tacha didn’t reciprocate the respect she demanded. “It’s as if I signed up for slave work,” he said about their friendship.

Sir Dee stepped in, saying the issue is their egos and refusal to accept that they genuinely cared about each other. Seyi later apologised: “Tacha, in all sincerity, I’m sorry for using the word puta to define your character out of sheer anger.” Tacha accepted his apology, and we hope they both remain friendly going forward.

Ella’s apologies to the girls

Early in the season, Venita and some of the Pepper Dem Women accused Ella of being shady and made clear their distrust of her. She acknowledged that she had to fix whatever made the girls doubt her, and even alienate her. Ella also added that Venita and the girls can trust her now. “I’m now coming out to be a better person,” she said. “Someone who… this is my A and that’s my A; this is my no and that’s my no.”

To catch more of the housemates, watch the BB Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show on Showmax from Monday to Thursday after they air on Africa Magic.

Look out for the launch of BBNaija5, kicking off on Showmax on 19 July.

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