Cobra and Paulina are The River’s star-crossed lovers

By Siyathemba Ben11 November 2019

Cobra and Paulina are The River’s star-crossed lovers

From the first time viewers saw them on screen together, it was clear that these two were meant for each other. The way they displayed their love and affection was very inspiring and, although they had their fair share of ups and downs, viewers continued rooting for them. But even the most loyal fans get tired of supporting people who never learn from their mistakes.

As time progressed, Paulina also realised that no matter how many chances she gave Cobra, he would never become the man that she needs and deserves. Despite this big revelation, Paulina recently made the biggest mistake of her life after ruining her relationship with Thulani by sleeping with Cobra behind his back.

Thulani, who treated her well and gave her everything that she needed, including a car, didn’t get the same love and respect in return. Instead, Paulina made an agreement with Cobra that they would have their fun on the side, while she continues seeing Thulani.

This seemed to work for a while, but her secret was eventually exposed after Thulani and others caught them in the act.

Thug love

After realising that she had made a mistake, Paulina apologised to Thulani but he made it clear that he was done with her. And just like that, it was the end of the only beautiful relationship she has ever been in. So, why would Paulina risk her happiness for Cobra? Well, the former couple’s love story goes a very long way back and has survived some of the biggest hurdles.

As you know, Cobra was once one of the biggest criminals in Refilwe. He was involved in different crimes such as hijackings, robberies and even heists. He committed some of the most epic crimes while he was still dating Paulina. She stood by his side even after finding out that Cobra and his friends, Oupa and Percy were behind the heists that kept the police on their toes. Even after her man was caught and went to prison, Paulina took him back after he was released.

In comes Angelina

A lot of people were certain that their relationship would end after Angelina came into the picture and told everyone that she and Cobra had a child. This came as a shock not only to his family, but to Paulina as well. Despite that, she was willing to give him another chance and agreed to marry him. But their troubles were far from over because Angelina came back with another bomb – this time she claimed that Cobra had impregnated her once again.

Although she was angry, sad and disappointed after she found out, Paulina decided to forgive her man and go ahead with the wedding. The two finally got married but their happiness was short-lived because Angelina wouldn’t let them breathe.

While the newlyweds were supposed to be celebrating their new lives together, they also had to deal with Angelina and her never-ending demands. She even ended up moving in with them and that’s when we knew that the marriage wouldn’t last. Angelina even managed to come between the couple, and she turned them against each other. She claimed that Paulina had beaten her up and this led to her being arrested. Instead of taking Paulina’s side, Cobra decided to side with Angelina, who was clearly in the wrong.

Paulina was then arrested, all thanks to Angelina’s lies. After she was released, she told Cobra that she wants nothing to do with him. And that’s how their union ended. Of course, whatever was left of Angelina and Cobra’s relationship ended, and he discovered that she wasn’t even carrying his child.

Cobra also proved that he only cares about himself when he went up against Paulina during the elections. They were both campaigning to be councillors and while everyone else was playing by the book, Cobra used corrupt methods to win. His term didn’t last too long because his corruption was eventually exposed.

With all these things that Paulina obviously knows about Cobra we can’t help but wonder why she would mess up a relationship with a good man. Now that she’s lost Thulani, will Paulina realise that Cobra brings nothing but trouble into her life? Stream the latest episodes 15 minutes after the broadcast on DStv.

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