Date My Family Nigeria: “I don’t believe in marriage”

10 February 2020

Date My Family Nigeria: “I don’t believe in marriage”

Our bachelor for the most recent episode of Date My Family Nigeria is the fascinating David, a 26-year-old software engineer who believes marriage is a constraint. “People are together because of the marriage and what society wants them to be, and not because they want to be with each other,” he tells Tolani, one of the night’s suitors.

Also, David does not stay long in a relationship; his longest lasted six months, much to the bewilderment of Tolani’s cousin, Philo, who thinks he needs to grow up. David credits his philosophy on marriage and relationship to being a freethinker, so whatever comes, he takes it.

He insists on his marriage convictions while dining at Abigail’s, his second suitor for the night. “So, I will be honest with you, I’m not too keen on marriage,” he tells her friends, before adding he is more open to having a baby mama instead—a revelation that stuns his host.

Before meeting Tolani and Abigail’s family, David had an interesting conversation with the family of Yetunde, the episode’s first suitor. Who will David pick? The sapiosexual Yetunde, Abigail, or the much older Tolani, whose ideal man is a sensitive, athletic man.

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