Date My Family Nigeria: She calls herself DJ Trouble; she’s also a banker in London

4 February 2020

Date My Family Nigeria: She calls herself DJ Trouble; she’s also a banker in London

Our bachelorette for the most recent episode of Date My Family Nigeria is Mariam, but she prefers to introduce herself as Oluwatrouble or DJ Trouble. She is a disc jockey, she plays at nightclubs, and that doesn’t sit well with the family of our first suitor, Max.

“You are a club girl? So you go to club very well?” Goodness, Max’s friend, asks condescendingly. DJ Trouble answers: “If I was male and I told you I was a DJ, will you call a guy a club guy?” Max’s brother, Emmanuel, is worried his parents may not accept a lady whose job involves partying all night at Lagos clubs. “I don’t know what my parents will say about my brother bringing a DJ [home],” he tells Mariam.

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What Emmanuel and Goodness do not know is, Mariam is a banker in London and disc jockeying is her side hustle.

Fortunately for DJ Trouble, she has other suitors. There’s Xpizzy, an Afropop singer, who won’t mind a DJ girlfriend. Then we have Majeed, “a very reserved and religious person,” according to his cousin, Lawal. His other cousin, Nofisat, says he will be “attracted to a lady that’s very reserved, hardworking and religious as he is.”

Mariam is fiery, that’s for sure. Check out this dinner-time conversation:

With an emphasis on faith, will Majeed and his family love a DJ referred to as a club girl by another family? Who will Mariam choose to go on a date with? Watch Date My Family Nigeria to find out.

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