Die Seemeeu (2018)

6 February 2020

Die Seemeeu (2018)

Sandra Prinsloo and Marius Weyers, winners of lifetime achievement awards from Naledi and the SAFTAs respectively, lead a powerful cast in this modern-day South African adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s classic play, The Seagull. Albert Pretorius was nominated for Best Actor at Silwerskerm for his performance as Konstant, while Rolanda Marais (Trackers), Deon Lotz (Skoonheid) and Cintaine Schutte (Fynskrif) also star.

Directed by SAFTA and Silwerskerm winner Christiaan Olwagen (Kanarie, Poppie Nongena), the drama centres on a famous actress (Prinsloo), her brother (Weyers) and her son (Pretorius), whom she visits every summer on a country estate. On one occasion, she brings along her lover, a successful writer, leading to familial conflict, heartbreak and tragedy.

Olwagen co-wrote the script with Woordfees director Saartjie Botha, whose original stage adaptation garnered multiple theatre awards.

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