Diiche: Daniel K. Daniel talks about playing the cunning and controlling Nnamdi Nwokeji

18 October 2022

Diiche: Daniel K. Daniel talks about playing the cunning and controlling Nnamdi Nwokeji

In the latest Showmax Original Diiche, Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice (AMVCA) award winner Daniel K. Daniel plays the cunning and calculative Nnamdi Nwokeji whose death sets off a series of events on the show.

Prior to this, Daniel had taken a break from Nollywood until the role of Nnamdi came calling. For the AMVCA award-winning actor, Showmax’s first psychological thriller, Diiche, was the perfect project for him to stage a comeback.

Given his massive presence in the Nigerian film scene before his hiatus, the actor fits into the role like a glove. He shared his thoughts on playing Nnamdi, what viewers should expect from the show, and more.

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What was your first reaction when you read the script? 

I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The script is everything. The script is the driving force. 

For me, the script was awesome, and I loved it. It’s a page-turner that the audience will feel when watching the movie. They will want more of it. They’d go like, “I want to see what happens next” cause it has so many facets to it. 

You can’t say this is one genre of movie, which is also fascinating about it. It’s a lot of genres mixed up in one, so you can call it a crime thriller. There’s a lot of romance in it as well. So you can call it a romantic crime thriller. There’s a lot of action, car chases, and stuff like that. So it’s very, very interesting.

Describe Nnamdi Nwokeji in three words 

A: Boisterous, controlling, and very cunning. 

There are too many words to describe him, and I’m trying to narrow it down to the top three. The man is boisterous, the life of the party, sly, and thinks he’s smart. So pick any top three from the list.

What is the most fascinating thing about your character?

That’s a tough one. He’s very manipulative. In a lot of scenes, you see him trying to take control of everything and everyone. And that was very interesting for me, and also the fact that he has a lucky charm. 

The fascinating thing about Nnamdi Nwokeji is that he’s very manipulative. So, in every scene, it seems like he’s always trying to control everything and everyone and every situation, no matter how bad it looks. The fact that he has a lucky charm is also fascinating. I won’t tell you why he has a lucky charm. When you watch this series, you will know why he has one he doesn’t let go of. 

What should viewers expect from Diiche the series? 

Well, I already told you the script is explosive, and that’s the first ingredient. The next ingredient will be the directors. In this case, we had four. And then you take the actors, these very, very nice, talented actors, to throw it into the mix. 

So you take these four outstanding directors and the actors we have in this series and put it together, and it will make for an explosive film. I can’t even wait to watch it myself. I know I’m in it, I know the story, but I really want to see what it looks like. I mean the finished product with sound and edits. 

In layman’s terms, Diiche is going to be mad, and the viewers should expect a very explosive, beautiful romantic crime thriller.

Describe Diiche in 3 words

Thrilling. Suspense-filled. Exciting.

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