Diiche finale recap: We have found Nnamdi’s killer!

3 November 2022

Diiche finale recap: We have found Nnamdi’s killer!

There is a scene in the season finale of Diiche where inspector Kazeem and Ijeoma go through all the prime suspects and hit a dead end.

“Why is it not this rascal, the one that moves people’s money around?” officer Muhammed Salisu, their senior colleague, asks, referring to Ichie G-Money. They give good reasons why G-Money couldn’t have murdered Nnamdi and confirm his alibi checks out.

Similar interactions occur over Esosa and Jimi. Then he inquires about Diiche.

“What if the bride-to-be found out about the affair?” Salisu asks, referring to Nnamdi’s relationship with Esosa. Inspector Ijeoma implies there could be a connection and admits they are unsure if Diiche is a victim or suspect at this point.

Something interesting had happened the night Nnamdi was murdered. Diiche returned to their room to see him after everyone had gone home. She was strange and different. Nnamdi was confused, but he wasn’t talking to Diiche. It was her twin! The one and only Chidi. The question now is, did Chidi murder Nnamdi that night?

Well, you have to watch the episode to find out.

Later, Diiche and her mum return to the river where her connection with Chidi was severed years ago. Kessandu is worried about what will happen if Diiche doesn’t get married before her 30th birthday, which is a few days away. There, Diiche and Chidi confront each other for the final time.

What happens when the sisters come face to face again?

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