Diiche: Gloria Anozie-Young reveals she “cried a lot” to bring her character to life

21 October 2022

Diiche: Gloria Anozie-Young reveals she “cried a lot” to bring her character to life

For someone who debuted in Nollywood as a “senior girl” in the classic Glamour Girls from 1994, painting the big screen with words and actions is not a devil of a job for 55-year-old actress Gloria Anozie-Young.

Still, when you’re asked to play the role of a distraught mother whose only son, the breadwinner of the family has just been murdered, even if you’re Gloria, might be tough.

“I don’t think I got into character the very first day. It took me the whole time, from the beginning to the end, because it was a tough one. I don’t get to play that role a lot. I had to do a lot of crying,” says Gloria of her role as Adaure in Showmax’s new psychological thriller, Diiche.

Gloria embodies her role to the fullest, tapping into her real-life experiences and remembering “how I felt when I heard about my brother’s death.”

Diiche, the first Showmax Original limited series in Nigeria, follows the unsolved murder of the charming but cunning Nnamdi Nwokeji and an effortful attempt at vindication by his fiancée.

Directed by James Omokwe, Tolu Ajayi, Fiyin Gambo, and Ifeoma Chukwuogo, the show is currently in its third episode, growing in suspense and mystery.

Watch the full interview with Gloria on her role as Adaure Nwokeji

The series features both well-known and budding Nollywood stars, including Efa Iwara from Unbroken, Daniel K Daniel, Uzoamaka Onuoha, Kalu Ikeagwu, and Chinyere Wilfred, all of whom
Gloria says she was privileged to work with.

To her, the cast put in the work with their superb acting to ensure that Diiche is genuinely suspenseful.

“I was privileged to work with really professional guys from the crew to the cast. Every single person was at their best. And that really helped.”

Of course, being Showmax’s first drama series, Diiche is expected to blaze a trail and become a benchmark for success for other upcoming projects of its kind in terms of quality and originality. This is echoed by Gloria who “pities anyone coming” with their own psychological drama series after Diiche.

Catch new episodes of Diiche Thursdays exclusively on Showmax.

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