Diiche recap episode 4: “Diiche’s mum paid Nnamdi to marry her daughter”

21 October 2022

Diiche recap episode 4: “Diiche’s mum paid Nnamdi to marry her daughter”

“First, it was Jimi, now Esosa?” Diiche’s mum asks.

We, too, are asking: ‘Who really killed Nnamdi?’ One thing is clear, the person or persons who killed him are close to him. As we learn from this episode, Nnamdi is a conman fleecing everyone close to him, from Ichie G-Money and Jimi to Diiche and her mum.

It was only recently that Jimi found out Nnamdi and G-Money have been in business for years. He also didn’t know his partner was dating Diiche’s manager. Esosa was in love with Nnamdi and hoped they would elope with the 50 million Naira Diiche’s mum gave him to marry Diiche, which shows Esosa probably didn’t kill him as she worshipped and loved him.

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Ichie G-Money is a possible suspect as he and Nnamdi weren’t consensually in business. Nnamdi wanted out of their arrangement, but G-Money knew of the skeletons in Nnamdi’s cupboard and threatened to expose them. However, Nnamdi, ever the enterprising young man, had a plan. He would abscond with the two billion naira the club owner invested in his production. You see, Nnamdi courted troubles and enemies.

But Ichie claims he is innocent. “Maybe you will tell me how a dead man pays back two billion naira,” he shouts at the detectives when they accuse him. You can’t quarrel with the logic.

The last two clear suspects are Diiche and her mum. Why did her mum bribe Nnamdi with as much as 50 million to marry her daughter? Or was there more to it? And did Diiche find out and unleash herself on Nnamdi? We have seen the things she is capable of.

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