Dimpho and Morapedi’s secret is out

11 May 2020

Dimpho and Morapedi’s secret is out

From her first day as an intern at Khanyisa Diamonds, it was clear that Dimpho had a crush on her new boss. The two started working closely together and in no time, the young woman fell for Morapedi. They started seeing each other and spending a lot of time together.

Caught in the act

Dimpho wants the whole world to know about the new man in her life, but he has told her that he’d rather keep things private for now. We might be reading a bit too much into the situation, but it looks like Morapedi is not serious about Dimpho and is just having fun. She has told him that she loves him but he seems rather uncomfortable with that. He also doesn’t want to take pictures with her. That’s a red flag, right?

Anyway, they won’t be able to hide this much longer because Tumi walked in and saw them kissing in the office. She knew about her sister’s new relationship but didn’t know that her boyfriend was right under her nose. Will Tumi be in favour of this relationship?

Zolani and Emma back together

Meanwhile, Zolani has been trying everything in his power to win Emma over once again. This is after Lindiwe exposed Emma’s marital status in front of everyone. Emma was quick to explain that her husband is dead, and of course, Zolani believed her.

In an attempt to frustrate Zolani, Emma then broke up with him and he found himself in a rather awkward situation. On one hand he wanted to make things right with Emma, and on the other hand he was fighting with his aunt and accusing her of trying to destroy his life.

Emma’s plan to tear Zolani and Lindiwe apart seems to have worked because they were constantly on each other’s throats. Emma even told Zolani that she wanted an apology from Lindiwe. Madlabantu went to see Emma and spoke about how far she has come with Zolani. Emma finally told Lindiwe she was forgiven and went in for a hug.

Just as they were hugging, Lindiwe choked Emma and gave her a warning. “Tell Zolani you’ve forgiven me, when you break up with him for real this time. Don’t ever come back to my house.”

But did Emma listen? No. She decided to go back to the Dikana mansion and asked Zolani to propose to her again, which he did. Emma agreed be his wife and Lindiwe is clearly not happy about this. It looks like these two will be at war until one of them is out of the picture for good.

The River will be going on a production break for the next two weeks. New episodes will be available from 25 May 2020. In the meantime, you can binge your heart out with all previous episodes, ready to stream on Showmax.

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