Empini episodes 9-10 recap: Two steps forward, one step back

By Michelle Randall21 June 2024

Empini episodes 9-10 recap: Two steps forward, one step back

After last week’s emotional rollercoaster of political manoeuvres and painful memories, this week promises even more drama as Khaya manipulates both sides of the game, and Ndoni continues her relentless quest to uncover the truth to clear her father’s name. Here’s what you missed in Empini:

The wedding rollercoaster

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It’s the day of Nosi’s wedding photo shoot, but Uhuru is late again. Furious, Nosi confronts him at his house and discovers another woman – claiming to be pregnant with his child! Nosi calls off the wedding, but Khaya has a heart-to-heart with her, convincing her to give Uhuru another chance. Despite Ndoni’s reservations, Nosi and Uhuru reconcile, and the wedding is back on.

Khaya pulls no punches

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Khaya meets Uhuru at the gym and challenges him to a sparring session in the boxing ring. He uses the match to threaten Uhuru, warning him never to hurt Nosi again. Uhuru runs to General and declares he won’t marry Nosi, but his father insists he go through with it, hinting at a larger plan in play.

Khaya is stuck between a rock and a hard place

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Khaya clashes with Enoch, warning him that targeting the NIA for corruption will implicate MPS and jeopardise their tender deal. Enoch, indifferent to the risks, pushes forward. The General, determined to expose Enoch’s involvement in the water scandal, questions Khaya’s loyalty and intentions.

Mkhonto stirs trouble

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Mkhonto is unhappy about MPS providing personal security for the Nigerian rapper Kush. Later, at a nightclub, a confrontation with Kush turns into a scuffle, leading to Mkhonto being physically removed by his bodyguard. Adding fuel to the fire, Mkhonto escalates the situation by tagging Kush in a livestream rant. 

Ndoni’s trail goes cold

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Ndoni tracks down Mphilisi, posing as a journalism student to get close to him. When she mentions Bonga Themba, Mphilisi grows suspicious and asks her to leave. Refusing to give up, Ndoni confronts him later, holding him at gunpoint and threatening his family to get answers. Mphilisi reveals that Khaya was involved and promises to deliver the proof. But before Ndoni gets what she needs, Mphilisi is found dead in an apparent suicide – or was it staged like Bonga’s?

Will Ndoni finally get the answers she seeks? Tune in to Showmax every Thursday for new episodes of Empini!