14 June 2024

Empini S1 episodes 7-8 recap: Khaya plays politics

After last week’s nail-biting cliffhanger, Empini continues to deliver all the drama and suspense as Ndoni tries to clear her father’s name. Here’s what went down on this week’s episodes:

Madlopa’s warning

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When Ndoni discovers the broken platoon bracelet in Khaya’s office, she’s sure she has the evidence to reopen her father’s case. But Madlopa suggests that the bracelet might belong to Khehlani, another member from her father’s platoon. He warns Ndoni not to jump to conclusions and to be cautious—this could be a lot bigger and more dangerous than she thinks.

Khaya’s political scheming

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Following the explosive dinner in which the General and the VP declared themselves enemies, the General informs Khaya that he’s set on running for election against Enoch. He’ll use whatever dirty tricks he can, including exposing the truth behind a water scandal that led to a deadly cholera outbreak. Khaya is caught in a tight spot between the two powerful men. With Thobani’s help, he manipulates the General into staying quiet about the water scandal, while simultaneously giving Enoch ammunition to take down his opponent.  

Wedding drama

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Uhuru confronts Nosi about her outburst at the dinner, denying he’s cheating on her. As a symbol of his commitment, he offers her a ring. Nosi, easily won over by the diamond, leads him to her room for a steamy reconciliation. Later, Winnie walks in on her daughter and her fiancé in a compromising position, and while she’s shocked, she’s also secretly pleased. The wedding is still on!

Ndoni’s painful discovery

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With Jabulani’s help, Ndoni tracks down Khehlani, only to learn from his widow that Khehlani passed away years ago. But, Ndoni discovers that Khehlani’s widow kept his bracelet all these years, confirming her worst fears: the bracelet she found indeed belongs to her father. This bombshell revelation points directly to Khaya’s involvement in her father’s murder. She’s left reeling but she knows she needs more evidence before taking action. Her next lead? Mphilisi, a journalist her father was planning to meet with before he was murdered.

Will Ndoni track down Mphilisi and finally uncover the whole truth? Don’t miss the next episodes of Empini, dropping every Thursday on Showmax!

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