Empini Season 1 episodes 5-6 recap: Secrets and set ups

By Michelle Randall7 June 2024

Empini Season 1 episodes 5-6 recap: Secrets and set ups

After last week’s revelations, Empini continues to ramp up the tension. Here’s the scoop on this week’s episodes:

Ndoni uncovers a new clues in her father’s diary

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As Ndoni reads her father’s diary, she feels a wave of emotions and notices that several pages are missing. Determined to find the truth, she takes the diary to Madlopa. He uses a pencil rubbing technique and discovers the name of a journalist, Mphilisi. This makes Ndoni suspect that her father’s writings could be coded messages with deeper meanings.

It’s a set-up

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As Nosipho’s bodyguard, Ndoni plans Nosi’s visit to an orphanage in the CBD, even though the area is dangerous because of a taxi war. When Ndoni asks for backup, Thobani refuses and instead pays someone to make sure the taxi conflict affects the orphanage, hoping to teach Ndoni a lesson. At the event, where Nosi is serving food to orphans, chaos erupts when gunshots are fired. Ndoni quickly thinks on her feet and gets Nosi to safety.

A tense family dinner

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Winnie throws a dinner party to celebrate Uhuru and Nosipho, hoping to ease the tension between the Vice President and the General. However, the political disagreements between them only get worse. Meanwhile, Uhuru and Nosipho’s relationship issues come to a head due to suspicions of Uhuru’s cheating, causing Nosi to drink too much and make a scene.

A shocking discovery

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The chaos at the dinner gives Ndoni the opportunity to search Khaya’s office. In a tense moment, she barely avoids being caught by Thobani and finds important evidence linking Khaya to her father’s murder. Discovering that Khaya might have been involved in her father’s death leaves Ndoni in shock.

What will she do with this bombshell information about her boss? How deep does the conspiracy go? And how much danger is she in?

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