ENO episode 11 recap: “It is your life or hers” 

19 May 2022

ENO episode 11 recap: “It is your life or hers” 

By ENO episode 11, it’s been a few months of marriage for Chris and Tessa, and they are yet to consummate their union. He’s been running away from it because the alternative to sacrificing her is no sex for two years. Tessa’s efforts only push him further away. His excuses are either business calls at night or that he’s sick. 

She completes the sacrifices he must make to secure his ill-gotten wealth, but he likes her. The Brotherhood reminds him it is his life or hers. He prefers the no-sex option, but worries she will hate him.

The Brotherhood advises he allows Tessa to maintain an affair to keep her happy, but he frowns at other men sleeping with his wife: a rare display of common sense among these greedy men. Unlike the other men, Chris seems sympathetic; the killings have taken a toll on him. But he still wants to be rich and powerful.

Meanwhile, the night is alive at the Grants’ residence, especially between Kendall and Koffi. She sneaks out of Edward Snr’s room to Koffi’s warm embrace. Oblivious to them, there’s a security camera outside Mr Grant’s room. 

There’s also the drama between Abena and Blessing, who’s gone to the police because she’s aborting the baby. He tells them Abena is responsible for Jerry’s trials and tribulations. They believe him but think he’s lying about Abena being the mastermind.

Junior and Safowaa remain our only drama-free couple. They are strictly focused on their growth, love, and new business. Yes, we are seeing a merger of Safowaa’s brilliance and resilience with Junior’s experience and last name, and it’s looking good. First deal secured! 

But you never know with ENO: things can always change at the last minute.

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