10 May 2022

ENO episode 8 recap: Sins of the mother

Just like Safowaa predicted, Edward Sr implements Junior’s ideas for the company after he agrees to marry Mary Louis in ENO episode 8. Father and son have a tête-à-tête about this new development and the surprising situationship with Kendall. Edward Sr is excited by the young woman; she’s lit a fire in him.

But the whole thing disgusts Junior, who worries for Kendall because he understands the power dynamics at play. She, however, isn’t listening to anyone, including her mum. Abena is against the relationship because Mr Grant is her boss, but Kendall rebukes her.

“I thought money and getting rich was the ultimate goal?”, she asks. “Find a rich man, marry a rich man, get all the money you can get … belong to the crème de la crème. Not once did you mention how or who was appropriate to get these things from.”

Abena knows Kendall is right: she is to blame for this mess. Her first daughter isn’t happy either — and that worries her too. Chris is showing his other side; he isn’t interested in small talk or important discussions about the future. His answer to everything is money. The only daughter at peace is Safowaa, who doesn’t subscribe to Abena’s marry-the-rich campaign.

However, this episode isn’t all about Abena. It provides glimpses into the kind of man Edward Sr is. He’s been neither hot nor cold so far, but we are now seeing the all-too-powerful and selfish side. Firstly, forcing Junior to marry the annoying Mary Louis before he can approve his ideas for the company. Now, he’s dating his housekeeper’s last child and isn’t giving her much say in the matter.

In all, things are building up interestingly on the show. Is ENO setting up a showdown between father and son, with Abena and Safoowa on Junior’s side and Kendall on Mr Grant’s side? We will find out soon.

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