ENO episode 9 recap: Rebellious kids and a mother’s prayer

19 May 2022

ENO episode 9 recap: Rebellious kids and a mother’s prayer

It’s always fun when an episode opens with a banger, and ENO episode 9 is giving!

Abena is praying and thanking God for her daughters, their men, and money. As she focuses on each daughter, Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s camera cues into what they are doing at that moment and things are happening.

Tessa is in bed with Jerry. They finally reunite and won’t let go of each other … but it’s a dream, and her moans wake her husband, who thinks she’s having a nightmare. Indeed. 

Abena’s next prayer is for the eager Kendall. She wants her to focus on money, not the desires of the flesh, but wasn’t Abena just worried about her and Mr Grant Snr? She needs to pick a struggle. Meanwhile, Kendall is having missionary sex – aka boring sex – with the senior Grant, who isn’t interested in modern bedroom tricks. They couldn’t be more incompatible, and she’s jaded. But hey, we don’t always get what we want.

Unsurprisingly, Safowaa isn’t doing anything exciting. She’s lying still and ignoring Grant Jnr. Abena’s prayer for her is different. She acknowledges Safowaa’s independent mindset and ambition but prays her heart softens so she can allow Junior in. This is a prayer we can all agree on. 

Abena’s prayer hints at accepting she can’t control her daughters’ futures. She’s always had a plan, but they are now adults with their own minds, and their choices clash with hers. For instance, Kendall’s romance with Grant Snr is something she didn’t see coming and can’t control. The power balance has shifted to them, and she’s struggling with that while also dealing with her own issues.

Edward Grant Snr is also dealing with a domestic rebellion. Junior has declared he’s not interested in the arranged marriage, but Dictator Grant won’t accept that!

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