Episode 1 of 016FM is live and on air!

By Michelle Randall26 June 2024

Episode 1 of 016FM is live and on air!

016FM has hit the airwaves, and already we’re hooked. Set in the vibrant Vaal region, the “Little Italy of South Africa,” this new Showmax series dives into the struggle to save a community radio station. With fierce rivalries, family legacies and shadowy syndicates, it looks to be a great series. Here’s the recap of the first episode.

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Family legacy

016FM S1 on Showmax

We meet DJ Tsietsi with his sick mother, Mama Jane, who we later discover founded 016FM. Tsietsi feels the pressure to live up to her legacy and save the station.

Whiskey’s scandal

016FM S1 on Showmax

DJ Whiskey, on air and having had too much whiskey, openly hits on the station’s biggest advertiser, shocking and delighting listeners. The Vaal hears it all, leading to an argument with Tsietsi. Charity threatens to sue, putting the station at risk.

Dark dealings

016FM S1 on Showmax

In a warehouse, a shadowy figure, Mr Khumalo, beats a man into revealing secret information—that the new Police Colonel has ordered a search of Khumalo’s place for illegal stockpiles. Whiskey, secretly working for Khumalo, tries to make him an advertiser to save 016FM.

Crisis at the station

016FM S1 on Showmax

DJ Tsietsi pleads with listeners to share what 016FM means to them. Whiskey worries about the station’s closure affecting his ability to support his brother, TK. TK suggests managing social media and starting a podcast to keep them tuned in.

Last-minute rescue

016FM S1 on Showmax

The station board announces job cuts. Just then, Mr Khumalo arrives, becomes the new sponsor, and gives them one month to turn things around. Shockingly, he appoints DJ Whiskey as station manager. Tsietsi begs Khumalo to reconsider, leading to another clash with Whiskey.

The ultimate showdown

016FM S1 on Showmax

DJ Latoya suggests letting the public decide who should be station manager. Tsietsi and Whiskey will battle it out on air. With the future of 016FM is on the line, what will happen? Keep your dials tuned to Showmax—new episodes of 016FM every Wednesday!

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